Gentle fog

Many love the steam bath – also called steam sauna or fog bath – because, with 40 to max. 55 °C it is cooler than the classical sauna. Comperatively slow warming of the body is very cycle-gentle.

The high air humidity of 80 to 100 % is experienced as most beneficial for skin and respiratory tract. An ideal combination of warmth and dampness relaxes, cleans, and nourishes the body on the in and outside. The pores reopen, the skin is better supplied with blood, and wastes are transported out of the body.

While the guest is sitting in the steam bath comfortably, and does not need to think of anything and enjoys the pleasant atmosphere. Kemitron reliably regulates with generators and controlling systems the climate in the steam bath out of the background.

Your advantages

  • The desired temperature in the steam bath and the air humidity can be adjusted.
  • Room light and the cleaning light can be automatically managed.
  • Colored light/colored light therapy is individually controllable.
  • Interval for supply and return air is manageable.
  • The desired fragrance dosage as well as the interval time for the next fragrance dosage can be adjusted individually.
  • A control takes care that it is only fragranced when the generator is active.
  • The steam bath system is deliverable in 120 and 230 V AC.
  • Every customary steam generator can be operated together with our steam bath control.
  • More functions, such as steam shower, color therapy automatic seat cleaner or aroma therapy can be added to our steam bath control. In this way additional benefits for the health can be gained in the steam bath system.
  • Fragrance is intended for all systems that are regulated by the steam bath control. Basis for this is the dosing system. This only provides small amounts of aroma for its whole life length. Therefore allergic reactions are virtually eliminated.
  • The steam system allows to use the steam bath as a multi-functional room. For example a steam bath in the morning, in the afternoon a Rhassoul and in the evening a sole inhalation cabin. The combination can be adjusted to the customer requirements individually.

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