Always the appropriate dose

Kemitron manufactures fragrance dosing systems, by which steam baths, experience showers and whirlpools can be fragranced. Thereby fragrance, intensity and interval are individually adjustable.

The dosing pump and dosing systems are high-quality and durable. Many years of experience in manufacturing, operation, installation and maintenance allow us to advise you competent in installation and selection of fragrance for the appropriate application.

Your advantages

  • With our Technico Dosing Pump, fragrances are applied efficiently and sustainable: you can already dose exactly a tiny release of 0,5 ml. It is always possible to adjust the desired fragrance dose or the interval. An overdosing, that can cause an allergic reaction is therefore virtually impossible.
  • Since the pumps work with a pressure performance of 4 bar, they do not have to be installed right next to the injection point, but can be installed as needed, even one floor apart or a few rooms further. In this way, they are flexible in installation and can easily be reached for maintenance.
  • Our pumps are available for 120 und 230 V AC.
  • All our dosing systems are designed for a long life and operating time. This means that all parts and materials have been examined at length and will only be replaced if long-term testing on other materials shows better properties or durability.
  • The bellow dosing element is the core part of the pump. It goes without leakage, is extremely long-lasting, maintenance-free, durable and resistant to all essential oils, alcohols, and emulsions.
  • The key elements of the pump are designed that the interchanges are always backwards compatible.

Our aroma dosing systems and aroma dosing pumps bring out the full potential to accentuate sophisticated fragrances. They lead your visitors to a unique fragrance experience of relaxation in your spa and wellness facility.

We’ll gladly advise you at length on our products. Please contact us.

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