Fragrances for revival of the senses

Our Aromater covers the rooms with fragrances in a pleasant atmosphere. Aromater are dry scent dispersion systems, which create a balanced room climate. To use in Tepidarium, Laconium, relaxation room, quiet room.

Your advantages

  • The fragrance intensity as well as the interval to the next fragrance dosing can be adjusted to customer requirements.
  • Even after long operating times Technico Aromater function perfectly, also with small doses.
  • Fresh air supply can be set individually.
  • Before excessive fragrance dosing can take place, an  overflow protection is activated. Therefore causing an allergic reaction by overdosing is virtually impossible.
  • Together with Kemitron fragrances our Technico Aromater stays practically maintenance-free. Meet service in a sixmonth-cycle. Using third-party products, service is required on a monthly basis, but at least every three months.


Laconium is a name that came from the Romans and stands for a warm, tiled room with a temperature between 38 – 42 °C. The guests can relax for a longer period on comfortable, ergonomically shaped benches or individually heated loungers. To keep the warmth in the different skin layers for as long as possible, which creates a deep relaxation, walls, floors and benches are heated. In order to increase this effect, fragrances can be added to the room. Often, warmed stone loungers are provided in the relax- and wet areas of spas, because they are particularly suitable between applications.

Relaxation spaces

Relaxation spaces are also adopted from the Romans, where they were known as Tepidarium. These intimate, most times small areas accommodate space to relax or even sleep. Equipped with different kinds of loungers, relaxation areas are absolutely vital for every spa. When planning rooms, it should be considered, that the human body needs at least 20 min. to adjust the body heat after a 10 min. sauna bath. Therefore, as many relax loungers should be provided as places for pools and thermal cabins are planned.

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