Sauna infusion systems – Technico Infutronic

The automatic sauna infusion system is a Kemitron invention. The desired amount of fragrance and water as well as the interval time to the next infusion can be set individually and is controlled automatically.

Heat stimuli and refreshing cooling

Most sauna visitors appreciate the infusion as the highlight of the heat exposure. To increase the enjoyment, essential oils are added to the infusion water. This increases the positive sauna effect and accompanies it with a pleasant fragrance experience. The essential oils have a beneficial and stimulating effect at the same time through inhalation and through the skin. A subsequent splash shower provides the necessary cooling. Make your infusion a feast for the senses with the automatic infusion system as well as with fragrance compositions by Kemitron!


Usually, the sauna is a simple wooden cabin with a heat source and reflective, woodclad walls, which is heated by heated stones, electricity or gas but traditionally heated by wood fire. Normally it is operated at 70 – 105 °C. Nowadays many different versions are available, but the most authentic is a "Kelo" log cabin, which revives the most original way of sauna bathing. Even though saunas used to be designed independently of external supply, they are now fundamentally modernized and have now found their permanent place in spa and wellness areas and integrated into buildings.

Finnish sauna

Temperature: between 80 °C and 105 °C
Humidity: 5 % to 15 % at the level of the second bench;
3 % to 10 % at the level of the third bench

Russian Banya

Temperature: between 60 °C and 90 °C
Humidity: 60 % to 70 %

Bio sauna (soft sauna)

Temperature: between 50 °C and 60 °C
Humidity: 45 % to 65 %

  • The desired amount of fragrance and infusion water as well as the interval time to the next infusion can be set individually.
  • A safety system monitor checks whether there is actually water for the infusion. If no or only little water comes out of the pipe, the system is switched off in an emergency and visually signals a malfunction, which remains until the cause is eliminated. This also protects against fire hazards that would exist if only fragrance were infused.
  • The water pressure is adjustable.
  • To withstand the heat, all components used on the Infutronic sauna, which are transmitted from the sauna to the infusion system via the infusion pipe, are heatresistant.
  • The high fragrance dosing accuracy enables very economical use, which virtually eliminates the risk of allergic reaction due to overdosing.
  • The system can be used from small to large sauna heaters, because the amount of infusion water can be adjusted to the heater size within a wide range.
  • The fragrance intensity can be adjusted to the amount of infusion water.
  • The sauna infusion system is available for 120 and 230 V AC.
  • Kemitron fragrances require very little maintenance. If third party products are used, maintenance should be carried out monthly or every 6 months at the latest.
  • Kemitron infusion systems can be flexibly adapted to the existing installation situation. The infusion pipe can be led through the side wall of the sauna or through the ceiling to the sauna heater. This affects neither the fragrance dosing accuracy nor the infusion water quantity.
  • Longer pipe runs to the sauna are also possible.