Salt inhalation systems – Technico VaporSystem

The Kemitron Technio Vapor System controls and regulates brine inhalation rooms. For more than 150 years, the healing effect of brine inhalation has been trusted. Current studies prove the noticeable effects of brine applications, especially in respiratory diseases.

Mist to breathe deeply

People have been relying on the healing effects of salt inhalation for more than 150 years. Current studies prove the noticeable effects of salt applications, especially for respiratory diseases. The Kemitron Technico VaporSystem controls and regulates salt inhalation systems.

Salt spray systems and graduation house

The positive effect of salt spray on respiratory diseases has been known for centuries. Salt mist helps to alleviate the symptoms of respiratory diseases by stimulating the formation of secretions. Furthermore, it soothes irritated coughs due to the anti-inflammatory effect of the calcium and bicarbonate ions.

And it clears the airways of tough mucus by stimulating the bronchial tubes to contract and dilate. Salt spray has a firming effect on the connective tissue and thus supports the tightening of the skin. Together with sunlight or UV light, salt mist has a calming effect on sensitive and inflamed skin.

  • The desired quantity of salt, the intervals for salt fogging and the fineness of the salt mist can be set individually.
  • Manual rinsing is available and the rinsing time can be regulated.
  • Air and water pressure are adjustable.
  • The amount of fragrance and the interval time for the next fragrance dosing can be set individually.
  • The salt inhalation system is available for 120 and 230 V AC.
  • Due to the special production of the Kemitron salt solution and the salt inhalation system, germination from the outside can be almost excluded when replacing the salt solution container. This also applies when the salt solution is stored for a long period of time.
  • The Kemitron salt inhalation system can overcome larger distances and differences in height without difficulty and without loss of dosing accuracy. This makes it easily adaptable to the existing installation situation.
  • If the line between the salt inhalation system and the salt nebulisation nozzle cannot be kept short, it is possible to equip the system with an optional legionella flushing system.
  • Our system nebulises the salt solution with compressed air and thus achieves a salt solution droplet size that is many times smaller than 5 μ/cbmm (0.012 μ/cbmm). The smallest possible size of the droplets is crucial for reaching the lungs and achieving the positive health effect.