Control system – Technico ActionPilot

Our ActionPilot control system can be used to control colour light therapy or other lighting applications.

Kemitron control system Technico-ActionPilot

This control system is the basis for various systems from Kemitron:

  • Steam Shower Systems / Steam Experience Shower Systems - Technico Steam Shower
  • Experience Shower Systems - Technico Shower
  • Footbath systems - Technico FeetWellWet
  • Rhassoul systems - Technico Rhassoul
Steam bath or steam room

The steam bath is often called a caldarium or sudatorium because of its Roman equivalent. It is typically a room lined with tiles or stones that is heated to 42 - 48 °C by hot steam at a humidity of up to 100 %. The mist is either created in the same room by heated water or - this is more often the case - pumped into the room by means of a steam generator. To appeal to other senses, aromatic substances from essential oils can be added to the mist.

  • Since the control programme is written in-house, customer ideas can be implemented individually.
  • We coordinate all parts with each other, which is why our controls and programmes offer a high degree of running safety and stability.
  • Our in-house developments enable us to react quickly to market trends and requirements. All customer expectations and needs can be easily adapted.
  • The various functional elements of the control system are matched to each other and can be used in any combination.
  • Our control systems are supplied fully wired. This means that no more cables have to be connected in the control system. All ordered functions are connected via plug-in contacts, e.g. with valve, request button or light.
  • A powerful protective circuit is installed to protect against defects, e.g. in a valve coil, the light system or a request button. Thus, the control unit easily meets all requirements that arise in daily use.