Sauna, Spa and Wellness Fragrances

Kemitron fragrance worlds

For more than four decades, Kemitron has been a leader in the development of fragrance solutions and their optimal dosage for use in spa and wellness facilities. Through our experience, we can help you understand the opportunity of scent – the sense most connected to our memories - in your home or spa.

Fragrances affect our mood

Fragrances have a direct effect on our moods via our emotions. This is easy to explain, because they are picked up by receptors in the nose and transmitted directly to the brain. Unlike our sense of sight and hearing, stimuli from our sense of smell are not pre-filtered, but directly transmitted to the limbic system. This is one of the oldest parts of our brain and the place where our emotions are also located.

This is the reason why scents usually immediately create an image in our mind's eye and cause a feeling. Fragrances can therefore be used to specifically influence the mind. There are fragrances with relaxing, activating but also with concentration-enhancing or calming effects. These findings can be used in spas to promote the flow of relaxation for body and soul.

Kemitron is valuable

Only high quality oils can create a long lasting fragrance experience. Kemitron uses a high concentration of natural essential oils. These are only supplemented with nature-identical oils when natural raw materials are banned or difficult to acquire for conservation or species protection reasons.

First-class Internationally

Certifications, regulations and standards for spa and wellness facilities vary from country to country. Kemitron works to the best standards to ensure our products always meet the highest expectations.

Quality, sustainability and resource conservation
  • Reliable fragrance development
  • Low consumption with full fragrance experience
  • Economical and efficient
  • Kemitron uses almost exclusively natural essential oils
  • We use nature-identical essential oils only where it makes sense for nature, species and climate protection.
  • Creation, production and bottling of the fragrance compositions at Kemitron in Germany, Europe