The power of scent

For more than three decades, Kemitron has been a leader in the development of fragrance for use in spa and wellness facilities.

Our expertise means we can help you understand the opportunity of scent – the sense most connected to our memories – in your home or spa.

Fragrances can enable guests to tap into long-forgotten memories and make new, positive ones at your spa. Seventy percent of our emotions are controlled by fragrances!

This fact alone illustrates how crucial it is to choose the correct fragrances for the experiences you want to deliver.

Fragrancesawakenemotionsand memories

Since more than three decades we are engaged with the development of odoriferous substances and their optimum dosage in wellness- and spa facilities.

In addition to the wide spectrum of high-quality fragrances we offer, Kemitron also supplies dosing (or metering) pumps for fragrances being infused into saunas and steam baths and other treatment room. And our multi-sensory control systems for experience showers enable you to evoke various themes – with fragrances combined with colored light scenarios, music and rain shower effects.

Kemitron stands for quality

Rest-assured, in choosing Kemitron Aromee, you’re choosing the highest-quality aromas available.
Certifications, regulations and standards for spa and wellness facilities differ from country to country Kemitron is committed to working to the highest standards possible, ensuring all our products are long lasting, easy to work with and require minimal maintenance.

For example, many fragrances are emulsified (the process that binds the essential oil with water) using ingredients that can leave a surface residue and/or congest pipes and valves. Kemitron uses 100% natural emulsification (alcohol), making our fragrances residue-free and our scents consistent and dependable, while eliminating the need for further disinfectants.

kemitron fragrances application field

Only high-quality oils can create a long-lasting fragrance experience. Kemitron uses a high concentration of natural essential oils and will only supplement with nature-identical oils when natural, raw materials are banned or difficult to acquire for reasons of natural conservation or the protection of endangered species.

Kemitron is well aware of its social and sustainable responsibilities and is committed to creating value for the entire supplier chain – from the development through production. As a company, our driving philosophy is to be sustainable, protecting nature and the environment by handling its resources carefully and purchasing raw materials from suppliers that practice sustainability.

Please note: From country to country the words from the fragrance sector are used with different meanings.
Our use and definitions are explained in our blog.