Bernhard Mayer-Klenk

The spa and wellness industry grieves for the inventor of the experience shower.

He was one of the pioneers in the spa and wellness industry with a sensitive feel for trends. On 6 November 2019, Bernhard Mayer-Klenk, founder of Kemitron GmbH, an internationally recognized supplier of spa products in the premium segment, passed away.

In his enthusiasm for new things, his never-ending curiosity and creative power, he has introduced countless innovations to the market that are now standard worldwide. Starting with the experience shower, which is an indispensable part of the spa sector, to fragrance dosing pumps, the automatic sauna infusion system, controls, salt inhalation systems, the Hammam foaming unit, the Rhassoul systems and many other developments. By using mechanisation and later computerisation and digitisation to ensure the precision and reliability of Kemitron products, he was able to make a major contribution to the technological progress of the industry and implement his philosophy that the highest quality comes before the greatest possible quantity.

This was made possible not only by his intimate knowledge of the industry, but also by the extreme closeness to the people who are in direct contact with the guests and visitors of spa facilities and who expressed their wishes. This open ear for those needs was one of his most formative qualities and gave rise to many great ideas.

Bernhard Mayer-Klenk started his company in 1977 with cleaning, disinfecting and water care products for public swimming pools. These were constantly modernised and, like cosmetics, are still part of the company’s product range today. His love belonged above all to fragrances, where he was not satisfied with simple or mono fragrances, but preferred sophisticated and multi-layered compositions. With devotion, he combined the fragrances with the abovementioned elaborate electromechanical systems to automate and facilitate processes. He was always aware of the importance of the family for his company, which is why a decade ago he handed over the management of the company to his son Stephan and his wife Ingeborg, but throughout his life he was involved in consulting and research without hindering the generation change. In this way he ensured the smooth continuation of the company’s business beyond his lifetime. His wife and children will continue to innovate and influence the global wellness industry as members of the prestigious Global Wellness Institute Hydrothermal Initiative.

Bernhard Mayer-Klenk will be missed!

René Pier wrote:

A life, a breath of fragrance

With great expertise, the best ingredients composed

With much kindness of heart and humility to the absoluteness of nature

Grounded with both legs ...... and vanished in the wind

But as with any great fragrance, the emotional impression remains,

the eternal memory