Perfectly controlled experiences

An experience shower offers the visitor a predefined experience that appeals to and activates all the senses. The guest selects one of the events on offer – e.g. a tropical storm or coastal fog (see also box on the right). By means of different shower strengths and temperatures, colored light ( optionally with flashing light), matching scent and if desired even sound, the user is sent on an imaginary journey. Differently strong sprinklings give constantly new impulses and a relaxing massage to the skin. Scents play a decisive role at this point, because the sense of smell is directly connected to the brain and activates experiences and emotions there. Changing colored light stimulates visual sensation. Sounds such as birdsong or thunder can also be played. All elements are coordinated via control technology, which Kemitron offers as a package.

Your advantages

  • Control, shower panel (shower ceiling), and water distributor are available in different variants.
  • Despite the standardization, they offer a remarkable variety. Different water activities starting with cold fog up to tropical rain, supplemented with different color settings and two challenging fragrances.
  • The Shower AttractionPanel: can be manufactured in different shapes, i.e. round, oval, etc. This sturdy selfsupporting plastic rigid foam panel is available up to a width of 120 cm. Installed rain nozzles, color and room light kits, are installed completely ready-to-connect.
  • Room and cleaning light, colored light and colored light therapy as well as thunder and lightning are adjustable.
  • The Shower PipePanel: starting with the water connection for cold and warm water, up to the water distributor with stopcock and built-in magnetic valves – everything is supplied including thread insert for the fragrance dosing valves. The outgoing pipe is ready for connection all components are fixed on a wall mounting plate. Fine filter, pressure reducer, and fixed value are included.
  • Different rain experiences and intensities and the water temperature and duration can be adjusted individually.
  • Fragrances suitable to the topic, fragrance intensity per fragrance can be set as required and therefore an aroma therapy can be supported. The interval to the next fragrance can also be set.
  • Different rain program themes can be set.
  • Various sound can be assigned and adjusted via the same sound system and the volume can be regulated.
  • As an option, a legionella program can be ordered.
  • Pressure for warm and cold water is controllable.
  • Experience shower systems are available for 120 and 230 V AC.
  • The experience shower covers Kneipp water applications including cold-warm Scotch douche.
  • A powerful protective circuit prevents damage in the event of technical defects.
  • The themes of the experience shower can be set and combined at customer requirements and replicate different noises, fragrances, and feelings. Even spray of the waves or fog can be produced, as well as a mountain stream, a tropical thunderstorm or sea environment.
  • Several showers can be controlled individually and parallel by our shower system controls.

Technico Nozzles

Feel tropical, summer, drizzling or other rain types – with Kemitron nozzles. Our nozzles are deliverable for different rain experiences – ask us!

Experience Shower

There are a huge variety of showers – cold waterfalls, mists, body jets and dramatic “experience showers” – offering multi-sensory experiences that incorporate smells, sound and visual effects that help take the bather to another world.

Experience Shower Imagefilm

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