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All Kemitron Products and Services are manufactured and offered for the sauna, spa and wellness market. This includes hotels, private spa and sauna owners, small and large spa and wellness facilities, franchise or independent spa and wellness center, and fitness center with a spa sector.

As company we operate internationally in Europe, Africa, America and Latin America, Asia incl. Arab countries. In many countries we are represented by our partners.

In the past years, the global Spa and wellness market grew tremendously. Because of globally different cultural and meteorological demands, it develops in different directions. It is a matter of personal importance for Kemitron, to meet the wishes and expectations of the diverse countries and cultures.

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Innovation – Quality – Sustainability – Satisfaction

Our company’s philosophy is composed of four core issues, which give our thinking and acting a binding line:

1. Customer satisfaction

Our objective is to provide the “best individual all-in-one solutions” for our clients. The single components in the overall concept have to fit together precisely. Nearly 45 years of experience and a step-by-step developed and interlocking thematic field provide the best base to meet our customers’ expectations. In the interest of our discerning commercial and private customers, we consequently focus on high-grade in-house developments and comprehensive know-how.

2. Superior quality

Both we and our customers expect the highest standards in the quality of our products. To offer premium quality, one will only receive “made in Germany”-products exclusively developed in our house. Because of the broad range of our services and the associated knowledge, this concentrated through the many years of experience. And we only send out coordinated and precisely compatible products in excellent quality.

3. Sustainability

Sustainability is corporate philosophy, not a trend for us. We operate globally therefore we want to satisfy the needs of very diverse stakeholders. We understand sustainability as responsible conduct regarding society and environment. Already in the development process of new products and for all production processes we consider consciously environmental, health, and resource-conserving procedures.

4. Innovation

We place great emphasis on development and implementation of innovative solutions. The grasp at increasingly better products for our customers is the engine behind our efforts. Since the company’s existence, Kemitron relies on top-quality in-house developments, diversity, and innovation and can therefore look upon significant experience and extensive know-how. As typical Swabian self-supporter, tinkering practically runs in our blood. Pronounced delight in experimentation and our own production facilities give us the flexibility to react fast on trends and currents with products, recent developments and innovations.

Traditionally innovative

Kemitron maintained always in close contact with its customers. In this personal communication, we often hear of wishes and difficulties in the daily routine in the field of spa and wellness.

Since our top priority is customer satisfaction, we essentially try and make every effort to find the best possible solution and meet their needs. Consequently Kemitron developments were often the first of their kind on the world spa and wellness market.

Nevertheless, we are never satisfied with the level reached, but rather keep on designing new products and continuously realign and optimize them. Many of our innovations and patents have led the way and are the recognized gold standard today, others are a special advantage:

The automatic infusion system in saunas has become vital in the area of spa and wellness. The worldwide first of this kind is a Kemitron innovation.

In the beginning of the 90ies Kemitron developed the internationally first experience shower. It is the goal of the experience showers to affect and activate different senses at the same time.

The fragrance dosing pumps for steam baths, experience showers and whirlpools are a development of Kemitron and were the first on the world market.

It is a known fact, that sole inhalation affects the respiratory tract positively. It also firms tissues, and – together with UV light – it is favorable for the skin. Kemitron developed the first sole steam system that supplies the healthy sole-fog at the touch of a button.

To combine the steam with a shower in a traditional Rhassoul. Kemitron where the first on the world market to offer this combination in one Rhassoul system.

Kemitron were internationally the first to bring an automatic Hamam soap system onto the spa and wellness market.


Mourning for Bernhard Mayer-Klenk

The company founder Bernhard Mayer-Klenk dies at the age of 79 on 06.11.2019 in Wendlingen / Neckar. By this time the generation change has already been completed. Son Stephan has been managing the company for years with the philosophy and in the spirit of his father.


The cleaner section is renewed and called Pure. All products are adapted to the newest guidelines. The name for cosmetics is now Cultura. The modernization process is commenced and ongoing. The technical sector gets the name Technico, the modernization of the dosing pump has begun, a continuous process that is ongoing.

2014 - 2016

The product portfolio is streamlined and restructured. The individual sectors are clearly separated from one another and each provided with a name and logo. First, the fragrance sector is restructured, adapted to European guidelines and gets the name Aromee. Product catalogues, safety data sheets, and labels get modernized, new standards are considered.

2012 - 2013
Handover of the management, next generation

Bernhard Mayer-Klenk hands over the company’s management to his wife Ingeborg and his son Stephan and retires age-related from the management.


Expanding the range of products by adding cosmetics.

2000 - 2010
Global Expansion

At the beginning of the new millennium the company expands into more not German speaking countries: USA, Japan, Russia, UK, Italy, and more. UL approval of the technical products. The Hamam foamer is added to the product range. Modernization of the production.

Cooperation partner USA, Kemitron Inc. Joint handling of the US-market. Development and production of steam bath controllers. Redevelopment of the dosing pumps and control technology on the basis of SMD technology. Introducing event fragances, a rapidly growing section. Electronic control systems replace the existing ones they are controlled by a processor and user programmable. Also an XML-based programming language is introduced.

The nomination of Stephan Mayer-Klenk as second managing director initiated the transition to the next generation. The fragrance-event section is extended under the direction of Bernhard Mayer-Klenk. In the same time, Stephan Mayer-Klenk advances the adaption of the technical products and the fragrances to the international market.

1990 - 2000
Expansion of the product range

The client structure is further expanded. Advancement of the fragrances for wellness facilities. Devices for room fragrancing and infusion systems for saunas are introduced. Market exploitation in the German speaking European area.

The sole inhalation system is launched and the functionalities of dosing pumps evolve. Expansion into a pan-Europe operating company and soon afterwards competing on the global market. The product range is broadened with another sauna infusion system.

1980 - 1990
Experience Shower

Attraction planning in the beauty and wellness sector constitute an additional field of activity, also a new product range: dosing pumps and fully electronic dosing systems for small quantities as well as control systems for experience showers and fragrances.

The company moves to Wendlingen into 1000m² premises. Today the firm is still seated here. The experience shower is developed and installed at the first customer, controllers for experience showers and whirlpools are designed and constructed.

Foundation Kemitron GmbH

Founding of the company in Walldorf. Manufacturing and distribution of products for cleaning private and public swimming pools, water treatment products and disinfectants, analysis technology with a focus on photometry.