A bath in fog

The Rhassoul is a care ceremony originating in the Orient, where a mix of healing muds, steam and fragrances detoxify the skin, stimulate the metabolism and the blood flow is improved. Kemitron delivers the control and regulator for the systems, which combines the traditional Rhassoul with steam and shower.

Your advantages

  • Desired temperature and air humidity can be set.
  • The drying time for the healing muds as well as the intervals for the moisturization phase, drying phase and for supply and return air can be adjusted individually.
  • The change between steam and water in the moisturization phase is controllable.
  • Room and cleaning light as well as colored light and colored light therapy are adjustable.
  • Fragrance intensity as well as the interval to the next fragrance dosing can be managed to customer requirement.
  • The cleaning shower to remove the muds is temporally adjustable.
  • Rhassoul systems are available for 120 und 230 V AC.
  • More functions with additional health benefits can be added, if required by the customer, i.e. steam shower, color therapy, automatic seat cleaning and aroma therapy.
  • The Rhassoul system can operate an multi-functional room, where for example a steam bath, a Rhassoul, and a sole inhalation cabin can be offered in various times meeting customer requirements.
  • Every customary steam generator can be operated together with our steam bath control.


The rhassoul is a magical combination of steam bath and oriental care ceremony, where the body is rubbed with different muds. The healing earth treatment originating in Egypt, relies on the detoxifying effect of mud, water, and warmth. After applying, the mud dries in the cozy warmth of the Rhassoul room. Afterwards a pleasant smelling steam covers the room, which moistens the mud on the skin again. To enhance impact, the mud can let surface dried for another two to three times and be remoistened by steam or fog. Since 3000 B.C. the Egyptians already told about the healing powers of fine clay earths they found at the bank of the Nile, and of which the Pharaohs already valued the therapeutic effect. They used it to cure painful limbs, rheumatism and skin problems.

The Egyptians used the natural properties of these healing earths to kill pathogenic micro-organisms also to conserve their mummies. Because of its high binding capacity healing earth is predestined for peeling-applications. The microfine quartz crystals soak like sponges toxic substances, bacteria, dead skin cells, and dirt particles and bind them to their rough surface. In return the healing muds supply the skin with precious minerals and trace elements. By rubbing off the muds at the end of the care ceremony the skin is cleaned thoroughly, and the blood circulation is stimulated. With regular use it gets detoxified and looks more clear and tighter.

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