Rhassoul Systeme

Rhassoul systems – Technico Rhassoul

The Rhassoul (or Ghassoul) is a cleansing zeemonia that comes from the Orient and in which the skin purifies. With us you get systems with control and regulation that combine steam and shower.

A misty bath

The Rhassoul is a cleansing ceremony handed down from the Orient, in which the skin is purified in a combination of healing earths, steam and scents, the metabolism is stimulated and the blood circulation is improved. Kemitron provides the control and regulation for the systems, which combines the traditional Rhassoul with steam and shower.


A magical combination of steam bath and oriental care ceremonial is the Rhassoul, in which the body is rubbed with various slurries. The healing earth treatment, which dates back to ancient Egypt, is based on the detoxifying effect of earth, water and heat. The sludge is first allowed to dry on the body after application in the pleasantly warm rhassoul room. After that, pleasantly scented steam enters the room, which moisturizes the mud on the skin again. To enhance the effect, you can let it dry a second and third time and moisten it again with steam or mist. As early as 3000 years BC, the Egyptians reported the healing power of fine clays, which they found on the banks of the Nile. Its therapeutic effect was appreciated even by the pharaohs, who had the mud administered against body aches, rheumatism and skin problems.

The Natural Property of these Healing Earths, which kills pathogenic microorganisms, was even used by the Egyptians to preserve their mummies. Due to their high binding capacity, healing earth is predestined for peeling applications: Like small sponges, the microfine quartz crystals absorb harmful substances and toxins, bacteria, horn cells and dirt particles and bind them to their jagged surface. In return, healing earth provides the skin with valuable minerals and trace elements. By rubbing off the sludge at the end of the care ceremony, the skin is thoroughly cleansed and blood circulation is promoted. With regular use, it is detoxified and appears clearer and firmer.

  • The desired temperature and humidity in the rhassoul can be set.
  • The drying time for the healing soils as well as the intervals between the humidification phase and the drying phase or for the supply and exhaust air can also be set individually.
  • The change between steam and water in the humidification phase can be controlled.
  • Room and cleaning light can be controlled as well as colour lights / colour therapy.
  • The desired fragrance quantity and the intervals for fragrance dosing can be individually adjusted.
  • The cleansing shower for removing mud can be timed.
  • Rhassoul systems are available for 120 and 230 V AC
  • Other functions with additional health benefits can be added to the rhassoul control system according to the customer's wishes, e.g. steam shower, colour therapy, auto matic seat cleaning or aromatherapy.
  • The rhassoul system can control a multifunctional room in which, for example, steam bath, rhassoul, salt inhalation cabin can be offered at any time according to the customer's wishes.
  • Any commercially available steam generator can be used with the Rhassoul control system.