Precision and reliability – well thought out and coherent

Our Technico products are not only visually appealing but also fulfil the expectations placed into “Made in Germany”-items in every respect. For 30 years now we have experience in manufacturing spa, sauna and wellness technology.

Some products that were developed in our house even were the first of their type on the world market. Naturally, this know-how is always incorporated in our work. This and the character of traditional manufacture of our company (to this day a big part is hand-made production!) make it possible to react to individual customer requirements, to transpose them and adapt them to the client’s needs and also to react fast on trends and circumstances on the global market. Our range includes a wide portfolio of experience and attraction technology. You can bank upon the reliability and durability of our products. At the same time they are low-maintenance as well as installed easy and fast.

Your advantages

  • Our technology is already piped and wired and can be connected directly without problems to the power grid and the water network.
  • At least over a period of 10 years spares can be ordered. We ship fast and worldwide.
  • Repairs can be made in your or our house.
  • We also support you in solving technical problems via telephone or e-mail.
  • As an international oriented company we meet the standards and regulations of the different countries.

Please note that a correct and professional installation of our products is essential for our systems to function securely and problem-free.

Sustainable andeconomic at all levels

We put our understanding to act responsible with environment, our health and society into practice in all areas of our company.

Since we develop our technology in-house as well as we produce and ship it, we avoid long routes and delivery distances between the individual stations.

We also offer a technical repair service in our house. Our technology can be assembled and expanded in modular design. This saves a high expanse of disposal and dismantling effort if further expansion is planned. You can turn the economic advantage to good account of the high quality and therefore longevity and low maintenance. All parts that have to be maintained are within easy reach and simple to replace. All of our products are resource-efficient in consumption of energy and water.

Traditionally innovative

Kemitron maintained always close contact with its customers. In this personal communication, we often hear of wishes and difficulties in the daily routine in the field of spa and wellness.

Since our top priority is customer satisfaction, we essentially try and make every effort to find the best possible solution and meet their needs.

Consequently Kemitron developments were often the first of their kind on the world spa and wellness market. Nevertheless, we are not satisfied with the level reached, but we rather keep on designing new products and continuously realign and optimize them. Many of our innovations and patents have led the way and are the recognized gold standard today, others are a special advantage:

Your advantages

  • The automatic infusion system in saunas has become vital in the area of spa and wellness. The worldwide first of this kind is a Kemitron innovation.
  • In the beginning of the 90ies Kemitron developed the internationally first experience shower. It is the goal of the experience showers to affect and activate different senses at the same time.
  • The fragrance dosing pumps for steam baths, experience showers and whirlpools are a development of Kemitron and were the first on the world market.
  • It is a known fact, that sole inhalation affects the respiratory tract positively. It also firms tissues, and – together with UV light it is favorable for the skin. Kemitron developed the first sole steam system that supplies the healthy sole-fog at the touch of a button.
  • To combine the steam with a shower in a traditional Rhassoul. Kemitron where the first on the world market to offer this combination in one Rhassoul system.
  • Kemitron were internationally the first to bring an automatic Hamam soap system onto the spa and wellness market.

We’ll gladly advise you at length on our products. Please contact us.

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