The professional whisk

Kemitron deliveres a creamy, fine-pored massage foam with the ThermCompact Foamer, a thought through soap foam generator. Because following a steam bath a hamam brush soap massage, a Thai massage or other techniques are often requested, the foam massage makes more and more friends.

Your advantages

  • With the Hammam foamer, masseurs, who did not get a special education for hamam foaming, can be engaged.
  • Amount and intensity of the foam as well as the interval for the next foaming can be adjusted individually.
  • Compressed air support enables the development of very stable foam.
  • Air and water pressure can be set separately.
  • One can rely on the same dosing amount during the entire lifetime of Technico Hamam.
  • Easy-to-use system.
  • System can be rinsed at the touch of a button.
  • Foam pipe can be longer than 5 m, therefore it does not have to be installed next to the masseur.

Hamam or Hammam

The Hamam, which is also known as “Turkish Bath”or “Moroccan Hamam” is a steam bath that is normally larger than the ones we know in Europe. A traditionally heated “göbek tasi” (literally a “tummy stone”) is placed in the center of the room. A smaller copy of it is in a side room and enables visitors to get a private soap massage.

Warmed floors, walls and benches heat the room up to 40 – 42 °C with (possible but not mandatory) 40 – 60 % air humidity of an independent steam source. “Iznik”, traditional Turkish tiles, combined with Carrara marble create an authentic environment, but modern Hamams have all kinds of surfaces.

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