Heat stimulations and refreshing cool downs

Mostly the sauna visitors appreciate the infusion as climax of the heat exposure. To enhance the enjoyment, essential oils are added to steam water. With it, the positive sauna effect is increased, and accompanied by a pleasant fragrance experience. The essential oils work with the inhalation and via the skin – beneficial and stimulating at the same time. A dousing shower afterwards leads to the necessary cool-down. Turn your infusion into a feast for the senses with the automatic infusion system as well as with the fragrance compositions of Kemitron!

Your advantages

  • Fragrance intensity, the amount of infusion water as well as the interval to the next infusion can be adjusted individually.
  • A security system monitoring examines if there is actually water for the infusion. No or only little water the system will emergency shutdown and visually report a disturbance, which is maintained until the cause has been rectified. This also protects against fire hazard that would be in place, if exclusively fragrance would be infused.
  • Water pressure can be managed.
  • All set components of the Sauna Infutronic are heat-resistant, to withstand the heat that is transferred via infusion pipe from the sauna to the infusion system.
  • The precise fragrance dosing accuracy enables a very economic use, therefore the risk of causing an allergic reaction by overdosing is virtually impossible.
  • System is useable from small to big sauna heaters, since the amount of infusion water can be adjusted to the heater size in a large range.
  • The fragrance intensity can be adjusted to the amount of the infusion water.
  • The sauna infusion system is deliverable for 120 and 230 V AC.
  • Together with Kemitron fragrances our Technico Aromater stays practically maintenance-free. Using third-party products, service is required on a monthly basis, but at least every three months.
  • Kemitron infusion systems are flexible adjustable to the existing installation scenario. The infusion pipe can be guided through the side wall or the ceiling to the sauna heater. This influences neither the fragrance dosing amount, nor the amount of infusion water.
  • Longer pipelines to the sauna are possible.


Usually, a sauna is a simple wood cabin with reflecting, wooden walls and a source that is heated by warm stones, gas or electricity but traditionally by wood fire. Normally it is operated at high temperatures of 70 – 105 °C. Nowadays all kinds of different sauna versions are on the market, but the most authentic is a “kelo” log house, which revives the original way of sauna bathing. Even if saunas used to be operated independent of extern supply, today they are modern and have their solid place indoors of spaand wellness facilities.

Finnish Sauna
Temperature: between 80 °C to 105 °C
Humidity: 5 % to 15 % at level of second bench;
3 % to 10 % at level of third bench

Russian Banya
Temperature: between 60 °C to 90 °C
Humidity: 60 % to 70 %

Biosauna (or Soft Sauna)
Temperature: between 50 °C to 60 °C
Humidity: 45 % to 65 %

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