Kemitron control system – Technico ActionPilot

This control system is the base for a diversity of Kemitron systems:

  • Steam shower systems / steam experience shower systems – Technico Steam Shower
  • Experience shower systems – Technico Shower
  • Foot bath systems – Technico FeetWellWet
  • Rhassoul systems – Technico Rhassoul

Your advantages

  • Since this program is written by Kemitron, individual customer requirements can easily be implemented.
  • We synchronize all components, therefore our controls and programs have a high degree of operating security and stability.
  • Due to our inhouse developments we can react fast to market trends and requirements. All customer expectations and needs can be easily adapted.
  • The various functional elements of the control are synchronized and can be used in any combination.
  • Our controlling systems are delivered completely wired. This means, within the control no cable has to get connected. All functions ordered are connected via plug-in contacts, i.e. with the valve, the demand button or the light.
  • A high-performance protective circuit is installed and protects against defects, i.e. of a valve coil, the lighting system or a demand button. By this, the control satisfies the demands that are placed on it on a daily base without any problems.

Steam Bath or Steam Room

Steam baths are also called by their Roman names: Caldarium or Sudatorium. Typically the rooms are plastered with tiles or stones, are warmed with hot steam to 42 – 48 °C and have an air humidity of up to 100 %. The steam is either produced with heated water in the same room, or – more often – is pumped into the room via steam generator. To stimulate more senses, the steam can be flavored with essential oils.

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