The power of fragrances

Fragrances can release long-forgotten memories and keep them so lively, as if the experience was only yesterday.

By experts this phenomenon is called “Proust-effect”– referring to the most important work of the French writer Marcel Proust “In Search of Lost Time”. There, he describes a young man, who suddenly remembers long forgotten episodes of his childhood by the smell of freshly baked Madeleines. This memory’s richness of detail illustrates how immense the power of one single fragrance can be.

Smell and taste are the two senses with the most direct line to the human brain. For example are 70 % of our emotions primarily controlled by fragrances. This fact shows the strength of the effect and – in this connection – how important an attentive selection of fragrances is. This is a good reason to rely on our extensive experience in the field of selected odoriferous substances.

Fragrancesawakenemotionsand memories

Since more than three decades we are engaged with the development of odoriferous substances and their optimumdosage in wellness- and spa facilities. 

The overall spectrum comprises besides high-quality fragrances also appropriate metering pumps and – systems for saunas and steam baths as well as room fragrancing- and control systems for experience showers. With colored light scenarios, music, rain shower effects and fragrance nuances we compose topic-focused worlds of experience for spa and wellness facilities worldwide.

Impressive fragrance experiences – for comfort

For us, fragrances are more than odors that surround us. Kemitron fragrances open all senses and carry one off, to worlds of fragrances. With our compositions you can create memorable experiences: cover your guests with a gentle hint of blooming citrus or convey the impression that a flowery note of roses carries them through vivid rose gardens. Give a feeling of relaxation – your guests will take deep breaths, when the liberating scent of eucalyptus can be felt, while water vapor gently heats up the skin.

kemitron fragrances application field

Manufacturing the Aromee products, we only use alcohol instead of emulsifiers (emulsion or emulsions milk) as a fragrancecarrier and that is for a good reason: with a very good fragrance development, alcohol enhances the quality and leaves no residue on the sauna stone, in the pipes of the steam bath or in the filter system of the whirlpool. Furthermore we can waive any addition of disinfectants.