Aromee Sauna Intense
Rich and full of character
Aromee® Sauna intense

Intensive fragrance experience with low consumption

As an infusion concentrate for dry and Finnish saunas, Aromee Sauna intense offers an intensive fragrance experience even with a minimal amount used, because its high fragrance content makes it extraordinarily productive. The low consumption allows a particularly economical use and at the same time meets the highest quality requirements for fragrance and fragrance composition.

Dry Sauna, Finnish Sauna, Russian Banya Sauna, Sauna
maximum fragrance effect
low consumption
Scent development
very good
Fragrance content
very high

Sauna fragrances are the icing on the cake for every sauna lover. Because where the hot sauna air is invigorating and relaxing at the same time, the fragrance can either provide an additional freshness kick or support the relaxation flow. Our fragrances of outstanding quality are composed of the best raw materials and are therefore reliable in their effect. In addition, they are always stable in fragrance development even in heat and humidity.


approx. 2 - 3 ml of fragrance solution per 1 liter of infusion water (or 15 - 20 ml / 5 liters of water) with automatic dosing or by hand.

Caution: When using in the sauna, first add the fragrance solution to the infusion water. Do not pour on sauna heater undiluted - fire hazard!


Alcohols, Aqua, Essential Oils

Quality, sustainability and resource conservation
  • Quality, sustainability and resource conservation
  • Reliable fragrance development
  • Low consumption with full fragrance experience
  • Economical and efficient
  • Kemitron uses almost exclusively natural essential oils
  • We use nature-identical essential oils only where it makes sense for nature, species and climate protection.
  • Creation, production and bottling of the fragrance compositions at Kemitron in Germany, Europe