Aromee basic
Chic and gentle
Aromee® basic

For large-scale consumers

Gentle fragrance characterizes all Aromee basic products. They impress with their versatile application possibilities, as they can be used in the sauna as well as in showers or steam baths. Quality demands on fragrance and composition are fully met. This product range is inexpensive to purchase and ideal for bulk consumers, which is why it is offered 10-liter containers.

Bio-Sauna, Dry Sauna, Experience Shower, Finnish Sauna, Hamam, Rasul, Russian Banya Sauna, Sanarium, Sauna, Shower, Soft Sauna, Steam bath, Tepidarium, Wet Sauna
good fragrance effect
very low consumption
Scent development
Fragrance content

Aromee basic is the fragrance for large consumers and versatile for many applications, it can be used in sauna as well as in steam bath. The delicate fragrance remains stable in fragrance development even in high humidity and even in heat. The fragrance compositions are of good quality and created from the best raw materials. We do not use watery emulsions or fragrance preparations containing emulsifiers and the associated addition of preservatives.


approx. 8 - 14 ml of fragrance solution per 1 liter of infusion water (or 50 - 60 ml / 5 liters of water) with automatic dosing or by hand.

approx. 5 ml fragrance solution per shower program.

approx. 5 ml fragrance solution every 5 minutes with automatic dosing. If added by hand, approx. 25 drops per steam bath application directly on the steam nozzle or into the aroma bowl.

Caution: When using in the sauna, first add the fragrance solution to the infusion water. Do not pour on sauna heater undiluted - fire hazard!


Alcohols, Aqua, Essential Oils.

Quality, sustainability and resource conservation
  • Quality, sustainability and resource conservation
  • Reliable fragrance development
  • Low consumption with full fragrance experience
  • Economical and efficient
  • Kemitron uses almost exclusively natural essential oils
  • We use nature-identical essential oils only where it makes sense for nature, species and climate protection.
  • Creation, production and bottling of the fragrance compositions at Kemitron in Germany, Europe