Technology for steam baths and steam saunas
Steam baths and steam saunas have a higher humidity than regular saunas. However, they are not as hot as a classic sauna. Nevertheless, the blood circulation is increased and tensions are relieved. Overall, they are considered gentler on the circulation.
Fragrance dosing pumps, dosing systems and consoles
Fragrance dosing pumps provide automatic fragrancing, either of dry rooms, or of saunas, rhassoul, experience showers or steam baths. In the steam bath or rhassoul, the fragrance solution dissolves in the steam, in the experience shower, the fragrance solution mixes with the shower water and in the sauna with the infusion water.

Systems for steam baths and steam saunas
With our steam bath / sauna systems, individual areas such as temperature, humidity, light, supply / exhaust air are controlled automatically and can usually also be set individually.

Request buttons and covers
In order for the spa user to be able to start various functions in the wellness and spa facility himself, he needs request buttons. Our push-buttons and their covers blend harmoniously into the overall appearance of any facility.

Sauna infusion systems and accessories
The automatic sauna infusion system is a Kemitron invention and controls your infusion automatically. The desired amount of fragrance and infusion water as well as the interval time to the next infusion can be set individually.

Quality, sustainability and value preservation
  • Reliable in function and operation - Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to install
  • Repairable and energy-saving
  • Classic design
  • Development, design and production from one source at Kemitron in Germany, Europe