Technology for experience showers
Experience showers are a Kemitron invention. They activate and stimulate all the senses. In this way, the greatest possible relaxation is offered. The guest chooses one of the programmes, e.g. a tropical storm or coastal mist. By means of different shower strengths and temperatures, coloured light (possibly with flashing light), matching fragrance and optionally even sound, the user is sent on a fantasy journey.
Fragrance dosing pumps, dosing systems and consoles
Fragrance dosing pumps provide automatic fragrancing, either of dry rooms, or of saunas, rhassoul, experience showers or steam baths. In the steam bath or rhassoul, the fragrance solution dissolves in the steam, in the experience shower, the fragrance solution mixes with the shower water and in the sauna with the infusion water.

Request buttons and covers
In order for the spa user to be able to start various functions in the wellness and spa facility himself, he needs request buttons. Our push-buttons and their covers blend harmoniously into the overall appearance of any facility.

LED colored light and colored light therapy
The "Shower" LED lamp from Kemitron protrudes from the ceiling of the shower with its base, bathing any room in a fascinating light. It can produce flashing light and color changes are possible for light therapy.

Experience showers and nozzles
You can feel and experience tropical, summer, drizzle and other types of rain with an experience shower. Our nozzles provide the right droplet size and the associated system for the perfect experience.

Quality, sustainability and value preservation
  • Reliable in function and operation - Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to install
  • Repairable and energy-saving
  • Classic design
  • Development, design and production from one source at Kemitron in Germany, Europe