Kemitron's gentle care line

The Kemitron cosmetics line for spa, wellness, and sauna uses only well-proven care agents, combined with modern raw material bases. The range of products comprises creams, Hamam massage soaps, and soils for applications in Rhassouls.

Kemitron’s care line is designed for various treatments in spa and wellness facilities. Since the skin is especially absorbent after the visit of sauna, Hamam or Rhassoul, the skincare product range consists of creams, massage soaps and peelings. They nourish and harmonize the skin especially if stressed or irritated and recover a healthy balance. All our Products moisturize and supply the skin with vitamins and minerals, therefore the beneficial effect on the skin can be felt immediately. Crucial antioxidants revive and stabilize the skin. The special combination of modern ingredients and reliable care additives guarantee the highest quality of all individual products.

A sustainable promise of quality

For decades Kemitron enriches the international spa and wellness market with innovative products and ideas. Kemitron remains faithful to its quality philosophy, also with its cosmetics line and combines the active ingredients with the utmost care. The result is products at the level of natural cosmetics, thus Kemitron fulfils the requirements of its clients. The vital contained high-quality raw materials and the high concentration of the active substances in the products enable an economical use in application. As raw materials Kemitron exclusively uses products of natural basis and of renewable resources as i.e sesame, olive, coconut, and sunflower. The selected care ingredients also consist of pure natural plant extracts such as rose petals, hops, honey, cocoa, grape berries, olives, almonds and almond oil, shea and cocoa butter, as well as flavors and fragrances. Flavorings, colors and preservatives are declared. In the selection of the fragrances, we concentrate on natural resources.

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