Salt Solution

Coastal climate for health and beauty

The beneficial effect that the sea climate has on our respiratory system has been known since time immemorial. It is not for nothing that the coastal region is a popular destination for people with respiratory diseases. This is because the moist and salty air at the sea supports the natural protective function of the respiratory tract and contributes to the regeneration of overloaded mucous membranes. In addition, salt mist promotes general well-being, has a healing effect on skinirritations, firms and tightens connective tissue and thus has a triple beneficial effect on health, beauty and well-being.

Salt inhalation in spa and wellness areas, for example in salt caves or steam baths, offers the same positive properties of the sea climate. Therefore, it is increasingly used in spa and wellness areas.

The positive effect of salt inhalation is manifold: in general, salt mist has a positive effect on respiratory diseases. Through it, coughing irritation is alleviated, which brings relief to the body, moreover, the bronchi are stimulated to expel mucus.

As another plus, an improvement in general well-being can be noticed.

In addition, salt tightens the skin and strengthens connective tissue. In combination with sunlight or UV radiation, salt mist has a soothing effect on sensitive skin. So you could say that salt mist wellness applications have a triple effect: they ensure well-being, health and beauty - a spectrum that makes an investment sensible and promising for the future.
Quality, sustainability and resource conservation
  • Salt solution is economical to use because it is diluted during application. This means that only what is needed is used.
  • Salt solution contains iodine
  • Consistent quality due to independent, constant control
  • Own development, production and filling by Kemitron in Germany, Europe