Spa + Bath Cleaner

Pure Spa + Bath Cleaner

Pure Spa + Bath Cleaner is a mild, acidic cleaner for whirlpool and spa tubs, basins, faucets and more. It dissolves lime deposits and greasy dirt. After rinsing with water it runs off by itself and leaves a shiny surface. Suitable for all materials commonly used in whirlpool bath construction. The content is a mineral acid mixture on the basis of citric acid with surfactants, gloss additive, corrosion protection and perfume.

Areas of application

Steam bath, steam sauna, bio sauna, soft sauna, Hamam, experience shower, showers, fresh water Whirlpool, Rhassoul, tepidarium, sanarium, whirlpool, hottub, Cleopatra bath

Quality, sustainability and resource conservation
  • Cleanliness and care
  • Low consumption combined with maximum cleanliness
  • Effective and reliable cleaning and care
  • Own development, production and filling by Kemitron in Germany Europe