The advantages and benefits of salt / brine mist systems


The advantages and benefits of salt / brine mist systems

Brine has a proven beneficial effect on the respiratory system when inhaled. This is because a fine salty mist is deposited on the mucous membranes. This has an antibacterial and decongestant effect. It also ensures that the mucous membranes are moistened, which facilitates breathing, makes it more difficult for bacteria and germs to take hold and multiply, and also has a beneficial effect on respiratory diseases. Of course, the finer the mist, the better, so that it can reach the lungs well and deeply.

Now for the brine used, you can’t just throw any salt into any water. First of all, only a certain percentage of salt in the solution is healthy for the body. Too much is harmful and too little does nothing. And secondly, water and salt must not be contaminated, so that they do not have a harmful effect on our health.

Why do we use salt-/brine solution and not powder salt?

There are dry salt facilities. We do not recommend them because the salt dust that is applied here and is in the air is 100% undiluted salt. It removes hydration from the lungs and the skin. This can quickly cause irritation and allergic reactions. For asthmatics, this form is harmful to health. The advantage of these systems, however, is that the salt granules only need to be swept up after use. There is no calcification and salination of the walls and floor. The cleaning effort is therefore kept within limits. However, if the salt dust settles somewhere and is not removed immediately, then it often ” sticks ” indissolubly and is then also difficult to remove. This leads to significant corrosion in metal (including aluminum), and decomposition in wood. For the reasons mentioned above, however, the intended effect on the respiratory tract is also rather low.


What about salt caves?

Walls and ceilings in salt caves are made of salt crystals. If they were simply left as they are, the air would be too dry, as the salt would draw moisture from the surrounding air. They would be unpleasant. Therefore, the air is humidified. The caves are filled with pure (water) mist, which dissolves the salt from the walls and ceiling and can then be inhaled with the mist. Allergic reactions and irritations are rather not to be expected here, since the salt content is generally very low. However, this also causes only a minor positive effect on the respiratory tract and skin.

This is different when salt/brine solution is misted in the salt cave. In this case the effect is the same as in salt climate cabins (see below).

The cleaning effort in the premises is low, because the depositing salt can remain on the walls and ceiling. It only needs to be removed from the floor


Why don’t you try salt climate cabins?

These are only pleasant and relaxing when the salt/brine solution is between 2 and 5%. Since the salt is dissolved in water, it can be easily inhaled through the vaporisation and thus reaches the places where it is beneficial and healthy. This also corresponds to the famous “healthy sea air”, the salt content that the air on the coast has and which has the soothing and beneficial effect on the respiratory tract and also the skin. This salt content does not cause any irritation in the lungs or on the skin. On the contrary! Salt/brine mist, by stimulating the secretion, helps to relieve the symptoms of respiratory diseases. Furthermore, it relieves irritated cough due to the anti-inflammatory effect of calcium and bicarbonate ions.

And it clears the respiratory tract of tough mucus by stimulating the bronchi to contract and dilate. Salt/brine mist has a firming effect on the connective tissue and thus supports the tightening of the skin. Together with sunlight or UV light, salt/brine mist has a soothing effect on sensitive and inflamed skin.

Cleaning salt climate cabins is more difficult, because salt/brine mist covers everything as a film and forms hard crusts if it is not removed quickly. We have described how to deal with this in our blog.

We believe that there is an effective health-promoting effect in salt climate cabins or in salt caves with brine vaporisation and therefore we have developed our brine inhalation systems “Technico Vapor“.

These have the following advantages:

  • Pleasant sea and salt cave climate due to salt/brine vaporisation.
  • Salt/brine mist droplet size from our devices is (0.012 μ/cbmm) many times less than 5 μ/cbmm. The smallest possible droplet size is crucial to reach the lungs and achieve the health-promoting effect.
  • No germination of the Kemitron salt/brine solution in the storage container, even when it is open
  • No sticking together of the salt crystals in the storage container
  • No special requirements for humidity in the technical room as well as in the salt/brine inhalation room
  • Automatic dilution of the salt/brine solution in the system for the ideal ratio
  • The entire system automatically cleans itself and can perform additional self-cleaning at the push of a button.


For more information about our salt/brine inhalation systems, please visit our homepage.

As a general rule, any form of these facilities can trigger a reaction in allergy sufferers. Therefore, we would like to clearly point out that allergy sufferers should definitely seek medical advice before entering any of these facilities. In addition, please exercise caution and only enter any of these facilities when accompanied!