Acrylic tubs shining new


Acrylic tubs shining new

Over time, every acrylic tub or pool loses its shine. However, this can be restored with little effort.

This is how it works:

Before you start with a gloss polish, the tub or basin must be cleaned from obvious dirt. It is best to use a damp cloth to remove dust, stains and dirt. Soap residues can be removed with clear, hot water and a soft cloth or a soft brush (scrub vigorously if necessary). Please do not scratch with hard objects such as a knife or fingernail, to prevent damage to the acrylic!

You can remove the remaining lime residues with normal household cleaner.

Household cleaner

Use a cleaner with a limescale dissolving effect (e.g. our care cleaner Pure Spa & Bath Cleaner).

Attention: Every (!) cleaner must be rinsed off again with clear water. Always make sure not to use too strong or too sharp agents, because they can attack acrylic and fittings.

Our polishing set

Our Pure Polishing Kit is specially designed for acrylic bathtubs and pools to remove both matte surfaces and light scratches, as well as deep scratches and burn discoloration, and to bring back the shine. It is problem-free to use and has been tried and tested in practice for years.