Surface Disinfectant

  • Quaternary ammonium compounds with broad bactericidal and fungicidal spectrum.
  • Effective against germs, bacteria and fungi as well as against legionnaire’s disease and algae.
  • Effective against a wide range of viruses: Herpes-, Prox-, Hepadna-, Asfar-, Fla-, Alpha-, Toga-, Corona (SARS, MERS, Covid-19), Hepatitis D, Orthomy-, Paramyxo-, Rhabdo-, Bunya-, Filo- (u.a. Ebola), Retro- und Arteri virus.
  • Effective against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and fungi.
  • Surface disinfectant can be applied directly without additional dilution.
  • Suitable for the following materials: plastic, tiles, glass, natural stone, leather, wood, stainless steel, metals and others.
  • Does not bleach and without perfume.
  • Pure Desino has the biocide licensing that is necessary for all disinfectants in this field.
Brand: Pure
Product line: Pure Desino