Trendsetting: Short paths – smart workflows


Trendsetting: Short paths – smart workflows

Especially the experiences of the last years show that we need products where we can rely on resource- and energy-saving functionality. Therefore, we see a long-lasting and forward-looking trend in this area. When we look at the difficulties in supply chains and also the price differences that arise when supply chains break down, we can conclude three things:

1. We need durable products that we can rely on to last beyond 10 years.

2. We need companies whose raw materials make as few stops around the globe as possible so that the entire system of the product works.

3. We need products with which we can save energy and protect the environment.

Why is that?

When we cart individual parts around the world to make our product work, we make ourselves dependent on government systems and supply chains. We have no direct control over how these individual parts are processed and by whom under what circumstances.

These are the reasons why Kemitron GmbH sources its raw materials directly and why the processing then takes place directly on site in Wendlingen / Germany / Central Europe. Because even if the scarce availability of raw materials affects us as much as other companies - we can then process and ship our products directly at our site. We do not buy any pre-processed or partially assembled products and we also source the raw materials directly to us, where we manufacture the entire product in one place. Because we always emphasize the highest quality of our raw materials and flawless processing in our factories, our customers can count on the long life of these products once they are ordered, and also on the fact that they consume a minimum of energy and resources. For example, our new dosing pump requires less than 1 W in standby mode (actually it is 0.1 W, but we cannot state this as the EN standards only allow us to work with whole numbers). In addition, our technical products - even those that we no longer have in our lists - can normally always be repaired. This makes us and our customers independent from cost-intensive new acquisitions and rebuilds and also from other governments and workflows on the other side of the world. Because it is not without reason that Kemitron has made a name for itself in the more than last four decades in that all products are not only of the highest quality, but also have an above-average service life.