The new Technico fragrance dosing pump


Modern with the well-known advantages: the new Technico fragrance dosing pump

This summer, Kemtiron has launched a new generation of fragrance dosing pumps with its Technico Standard.Arom Start. In a new design it is visibly modernized, but as durable and reliable as you would expect from our products.

Fragrance dosing pumps are a Kemitron invention and are mostly used in spa and Wellness areas for room scenting. For example, they are applied in saunas, steam baths, experience / adventure showers or in relaxation rooms.

Like all our products, the new Technico Standard.Arom Start was developed, designed and manufactured in our company in Wendlingen (Germany, Europe). Therefore you can look forward to the best quality, which promises a long life for your pump – even when used continuously. The fragrance dosage is economical and in combination with Kemitron fragrances, yet intensive but resource-saving.*

Our fragrance dosing pump Standard.Arom.Start with bellows technology is designed for use in steam bath, mud batb (Rhassoul), experience / adventure shower and sauna. It distributes the fragrant scent in the application rooms.

As before, the bellows dosing pump is supplied in a closed, splash-proof plastic housing. It is driven by an eccentric gear motor.

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You can find the new dosing pump here: Standard.Arom Start