The difference between essential oil and aroma oil


The difference between essential oil and aroma oil

For about a decade or more, essential oils and aromatherapy have been enjoying increasing popularity. Admittedly they have been used long before our time. Not only medical properties have always been attributed to them, but also spiritual meanings.


What is essential oil?

Essential oil is a compound derived from a plant. The oils are concentrated so that they contain the essence, characteristics and fragrance of the plant.

However, not all extracts are essential oils. Plant essences obtained chemically are not considered essential oils.

The process of producing essential oils is relatively simple. They are usually made from a plant, distilled water and a pot in which the plant is boiled, with the essential oil, which is what floats on the water and has been boiled out of the plant.

In order to obtain a stronger oil, this process can be carried out several times.


What is an aroma oil?

An aroma oil is a diluted or mixed essential oil. Aroma oil always contains a part, usually 2% or more essential oil.



Essential oils and aroma oils can be used in a similar way. However, one must be aware of the effectiveness and intensity of the oils.

Aroma oils are milder and can be used more generously than the more intense essential oil. But essential oils are usually a combination of far more individual fragrances and usually smell with a lasting effect.