Sauna and ice: a love affair


Sauna and ice: a love affair

From the classic-all known Finnish sauna to the Russian banya – there is a wide variety of different sauna types. What they all have in common is that the infusion is the undisputed highlight of the sauna experience. In this process water is poured over hot stones. The resulting water vapor suddenly increases the humidity, the sauna experience is intensified. Since the effect is only temporary, several infusions are usually made. For a special wellness experience, essential oils or other fragrances are often added to the infusion water. The higher the quality of these, the more complex the fragrance experience.

However, the infusion is a great strain on the cardiovascular system. Therefore, sauna beginners should always sit on the lower benches. What applies to sauning in general must be especially taken into account during the infusion: Always listen to the body’s warning signals, because if you feel unwell, you should leave the sauna immediately! Using snow or ice balls is another way to perform an infusion. These are formed as balls from either snow or crushed ice. Alternatively, ice cubes can also be used. Please note that snow and ice must consist of clean water, otherwise the sauna experience can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Snowball or ice infusions are many times more intense than an infusion of water, in which a large part passes between the stones without evaporation. With snowballs or ice balls, on the other hand, only little water is released during the melting process. The stones, which are constantly kept at the same high temperature by the heating elements underneath, evaporate the melting water almost completely. The actual infusion begins with the melting process and continues over a longer period of time. It starts gently, but becomes very intense due to the long melting time and the enormously high humidity. Sauna fragrances can also be used for snowball infusions. Simply dribble the scent onto the snow/ice ball or add it to the water in the ice cube mould. There are also forms available on the market which can be used to firmly press the ball. Using a thorn, the fragrance concentrate can be placed in the middle of the snow or ice ball. In this case, the scent develops and intensifies slowly and with increasing humidity.

For a special scent experience, we also recommend for snow and ice balls Kemitron Aromee Sauna intense or Aromee intense fragrances. Because the first-class raw materials contained in these products ensure that the fragrance remains stable and multi-layered even in high temperatures and slowly rising humidity.

The downside of the infusion through snow and ice is that a lot of energy is needed because the stones have to be heated more permanently and intensively due to the slow melting process. Because of the high energy input, the heating elements are more attacked, tend to burn through or burn out and need to be replaced more often compared to pure water infusions.

As always, it is the mixture that does the trick! Alternating between the two, an occasional infusion of snow or ice will do no harm and remain a special sauna experience.