Original and copy


Original and copy

A good idea is recognizable by the fact that it gets stolen. – Gerhard Uhlenbruck

Of course, we notice when our products, our blueprints, even the structure of our website, operating instructions or formulations from our texts are copied and slightly modified or often even published directly in our version by third parties.

Where it would annoy others, we are proud, because it shows that we are the original and a role model for them.

The entire portfolio of our products is developed, designed and also manufactured in our company. This enables us to pay attention to the best solutions and highest quality for every single part, every raw material and every ingredient. We know which high-class and matched individual parts our technology must be composed of in order for it to function optimally and be long-lasting. We know exactly what we need to create a perfect fragrance composition. We know which ingredients a cleaner needs to achieve the highest performance. We know how to help when the customer has a problem. We know all this and so much more, because the experts for these questions are all sitting in our company and can exchange ideas and inspire each other. We have our own ideas, we ask our customers about their needs, we have the creative potential.

The customer has a query? – No problem, we train our employees for this.
An own fragrance creation for your spa? – Of course! You can get it from us.
The customer needs a special solution? – No problem, we have the right experts for that too.
The technology must be adapted to your special constructional conditions? – Don’t worry, we can do it!

Where products are designed in-house, there are no problems. There are solutions.

According to the saying: “often copied and never reached” the imitations of our work are therefore a real confirmation, because they show that what we create is so good that others cannot find a better solution and therefore copy it exactly the way we have been doing it for years. And that makes us proud!