Kemitron: The Connection between Quality and Sustainability


Kemitron: The Connection between Quality and Sustainability

Throughout the more than 40 years of its existence, Kemitron has always remained true to its corporate philosophy of only processing the best quality. During this time the competition has become tougher and more dogged, the price war has often taken on difficult proportions. In other companies, production was moved abroad and cheap goods were added to the range. Kemitron has always rejected this.

According to the motto “buy right once and save twice” we believe that good quality pays off and in long term it saves both your money and our environment.

How does this work?

The Kemitron technical products (Technico) are developed, designed and assembled from high-quality individual parts in our company. They are not purchased pre-assembled. Our employees know the blueprints, the design and every single part of the products. This also applies to those that we have meanwhile modernised or have already taken out of our range.
As we pay attention to the high quality of all individual parts, our products are therefore extremely durable, which saves the customer from throwing them away and buying new ones after a few years. On the other hand, should a functional impairment occur, our products can always be repaired, even after many years of use in continuous operation. The prerequisite is, of course, that the customer follows our recommendations for use and operation.
Since development and design, as well as manufacturing is done in-house, there are no delays in customer requests, no need to send parts back and forth, not even the little power needed to send emails, because we can always go to the engineer, the designer or to the manufacturing department and ask for information.

In this way, our customers only pay once for many years of pleasure. And mountains of rubbish with environmentally harmful individual parts are avoided.

The same applies to our fragrances (Aromee) and care cleaners/disinfectants (Pure). Created and developed in our company, they are made from high quality raw materials and are extremely economical. This saves both delivery routes to us and from there to our customers, because orders are placed less frequently. Thus, not only the customer benefits, but also our environment, because fewer deliveries plus less packaging materials on the entire level can only do good for our nature. Furthermore, Kemitron products (as far as known) are not allergenic Furthermore, Kemitron products are (as far as known) due to the high standard not allergenic. The customer therefore has to order less often and buys products for which he can rely on a consistently high quality.

So while everyone is talking about sustainability, Kemitron has been living it since its founding.