Kemitron Aromee fragrances and what they contain


Kemitron Aromee fragrances and what they contain

Kemitron knows: Especially in spas and saunas, where different temperatures and often generous room areas are used, stable and constant intensity scents are important.

In order to produce these, the quality of the raw materials is crucial. Because only high-quality ingredients can achieve a lasting fragrance experience and only a high concentration of essential oils can unfold their healthy and manifold effects on the body and soul.

This is why Kemitron only uses first-class raw materials such as pure essential oils. This well thought-out composition is a major reason why Kemitron fragrances remain stable in their intensity, even if the container is used for a longer period of time.

In addition, we hold the entire value chain in our own hands in order to achieve the best possible structure of effects. This means that from the selection of the fragrances, through the creation of the recipe compositions to the manufacture, everything takes place directly in our company.

In addition, Kemitron exclusively uses fragrances that are subject to the IFRA* standard code and are based on the scientific analyses of the RFIM**.

Our corporate philosophy obliges us to treat resources and the environment with care – and to do so holistically, both when purchasing raw materials and when using our products.

Since we refrain from using preservatives and low-grade additives, we have not yet discovered any reactions to Kemitron Aromee products that are harmful to health or otherwise. In order to guarantee this, a verifiable use of original Kemitron products as well as adherence to our dosage recommendations is a prerequisite.

*The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) is the global representative of the fragrance industry and issues updated standards for fragrances.
**The Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RFIM) is the international scientific authority for the safe use of fragrances.