High quality as family tradition


High quality as family tradition

Bernhard Mayer-Klenk, the founder of Kemitron GmbH, was passionate about top quality. He always wanted the products he developed to put a smile on his customers’ faces and to function reliably. This he also owed to himself, as he emphasized again and again, because he had known many of his customers for decades and was personally and very often also on friendly terms with them. He wanted to see them supplied only with the best; the philanthropist saw this as his motivation.

In 1977, after Chemoform GmbH – which he had built up with his brother (see history) – and he had parted company, he founded Kemitron GmbH with the support of his wife Ingeborg. And here he lived his conviction that the best quality produces the most satisfied customers and aligned his product portfolio accordingly. He also did not move his production to cheap producing foreign countries, as many did, did not buy cheap raw materials and parts when this became fashionable and also did not have his technology cheaply pre-produced abroad. Success proved him right.

“We can only maintain this high quality standard if we control every step of the product creation process,” says Stephan Mayer-Klenk, son of the company founder and his successor in the management. “This begins with the purchase of raw materials, continues with the design, which is created in-house, and ends with the company’s own production. Anything else would also contradict our corporate philosophy for environmental and human rights reasons, because our quality expectations are high here, as well.” Like his father, his success proves him right.

In the meantime, an enthusiastic third generation is already in the starting blocks (and is already contributing regularly). They have grown up with the quality standards lived out in the family. In this respect, already now many more years of best quality from Kemitron can be expected.