Herbs can help!


Herbs can help!

Natural essential oils are used in many different ways for room scenting or also in bath salts, perfume, facial oils and creams. However, not only do they help to spread an enchanting scent, in difficult times natural essential oils can also be used for a larger purpose:

Since scents act on the body through the oldest part of the human brain, the limbic system, they subconsciously trigger an immediate reaction in us. Because emotions are handled and controlled in this part of our brain. They are not pre-processed and filtered by the thalamus like optical or acoustic stimuli. Thus they can trigger feelings in us quite unconsciously and influence our state of mind. And because our sense of smell is closely linked to our mood and feelings, essential oils are used specifically to increase our physical and emotional well-being. Now different scents are attributed with certain effects, invigorating, promoting concentration, decelerating … Today we want to concentrate quite consciously on the scents that are supposed to have a calming, stress-relieving or relaxing effect on us. In addition, create a relaxing and calm environment and practice relaxing breathing exercises.

Depending on health, physical condition and stress situation it can be said in principle: Flowery, soft and subtle woody notes are harmonising, whereas bitter, herbaceous or strong woody notes are calming.


The bergamot is known to give Earl Grey tea its unmistakable taste as a citrus fruit.  Its fragrance is said to calm, relax and soothe restlessness, while at the same time helping to regain energy. Attention! Bergamot oil can increase your sensitivity to sunlight!


The geranium is one of our most popular balcony plants and is said to have a relaxing effect, especially in cases of stress and exhaustion.


Jasmine fragrance is said to be able to support you in your worries. The scent is believed to calm the nervous system, lift the mood and give new energy. For a positive start into the day, you can try to be inspired by the scent of essential jasmine oil already in the morning.


Chamomile is known as a soothing fragrance. It is said to have positive properties to promote inner peace and restful sleep, and to alleviate irritability, brooding and worry.


The unmistakable scent of lavender can help you relax and relieve the nervous system. It helps with difficulties in falling asleep and for a peaceful night’s rest. Restlessness, irritability and insomnia are said to be relieved by lavender scent.


Melissa is considered a proven household remedy against stress, nervous tension, melancholy, depression and sleep disorders.  The scent of melissa is said to have a harmonizing effect on body and mind.


The orange scent is supposed to lift the mood and help to cope with stress.  So it is just the right thing for those who suffer from listlessness, nervousness and exhaustion.


Traditionally the rose is associated with love and the heart. It is said to calm sadness or inner turmoil. It is also said to help relieve tension and worry.


The scent of rosemary is said to awaken the spirit of life and support migraine, stress and exhaustion. Furthermore, it is believed to have warming and circulation-promoting properties.


The fine aroma of vanilla is supposed to lift the mood, exude a warm atmosphere and also serve for relaxation.


Incense can look back on an already very long history.  It is extracted from the resin of the incense tree and can be used to relieve tension and relax the mind. Traditionally incense is used to deepen meditation.


Ylang-Ylang oil comes from the flowers of a tropical tree.  The fragrance is said to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, lift the spirits and relieve headaches. Attention! It can possibly lower blood pressure, so it should not be used by people with low blood pressure!


The aromatic scent of lemongrass is not only said to have a stimulating and very refreshing effect, it is also said to relieve anxiety, lighten the mood and help with listlessness.

Please always keep in mind: Fragrances can have a supporting and relieving effect in many ways. However, please always follow the dosage instructions and the recommendations on the label or package insert. For medical purposes, seek advice from trained specialists! Aromatherapists and doctors will be able to help you at any time.