Fragrances in the steam shower? Sure!


Fragrances in the steam shower? Sure!

Can everyday steam showers also be scented with our Kemitron Aromee fragrances? In the end, we get this question frequently.

Of course it is possible!

Especially because the desire for relaxation and recreation is constantly growing, even in one’s own home, more and more people are opting for their own steam shower. And that’s quite clear, because in no time at all, the bathroom at home can be transformed into a personal wellness oasis. And that in the smallest of spaces!

In this case, we recommend our Aromee intense fragrances, for which we have a wide portfolio of different fragrances ready for you. Do you prefer a citrus fragrance or rather floral, tangy or herbaceous, fresh or sweet? We cannot make this decision for you. However, it is important that you get fragrances that remain stable at any temperature and provide you with constant delicate intensity on your way to relaxation. In addition, the fragrances should not cause discoloration in the shower and their nozzles should not get clogged. With ourAromee intense products, nothing of the sort will happen and you can rely on consistently high quality! After all, anyone who installs a steam shower wants to have fun with it for a long time.
And we wish you enjoyable and relaxing shower experiences!