Cleaning Salt and Brine Rooms


Cleaning Salt and Brine Rooms

Cleaning Salt and Brine Rooms – Maintaining value through correct cleaning
Brine inhalations are a recognized method for the alleviation of respiratory diseases and the prevention of respiratory tract infections. For this reason, the integration of a salt cave or a steam bath with the possibility of brine applications in wellness and spa areas is becoming increasingly popular.

In order to ensure that the rooms, which are often impressively designed, do not lose their beauty and retain their value, it is important to clean properly from the very beginning. Saline mist forms a film that is blanketing everything. If this is not removed, the salts settle as a solid deposit and hard crusts form, which can hardly be treated. In order to remove salt crystals, complex and time-consuming cleaning procedures are necessary which attack the surrounding materials and, in the worst case, require premature renovation work.

We therefore recommend that you carry out an initial cleaning as soon as your brine inhalation room is put into operation. In addition, we recommend a thorough cleanup at least once a week, preferably two cleaning cycles per week to ensure long-term value retention.

With Pure Wisin, Kemitron offers a cleaning agent that has been specially developed for the requirements of brine inhalation rooms and steam bath cabins as well as for fittings and sanitary areas. Used regularly and in accordance with instructions, it prevents salt encrustations and enables you and your guests to enjoy a lastingly attractive and valuable environment.