Inhaling salt – a healthy trend

A stay in the sea air is proven to be healthy. Many people with respiratory diseases experience relief here. This centuries-old positive experience was also found wherever salt was extracted with graduation towers.
The salt water trickled over brushwood walls and evaporated. In the haze of these salt extraction plants similar good experiences are made as in the salty sea air.
We at Kemitron use this experience with our VaporSystem, where, as in the sea air, salty, humid mist is produced.
For the creation of the healthy, beautifying mist in our VaporSystem we have developed our salt solution, .

The salt solution is under constant control of an independent testing institute.

The positive effects of salt inhalation are numerous:
In general, salt mist has a positive effect on diseases of the respiratory tract. It reduces the irritation of cough which brings relief to the body, and stimulates the bronchial tubes to expel mucus.
As another plus, an improvement in general well-being can be noticed.
In addition, salt tightens the skin and strengthens the connective tissue. In combination with sunlight or UV radiation, salt mists have a soothing effect on sensitive skin. It can therfore be said that salt wellness applications have a triple effect: they ensure well-being, health and beauty – a spectrum that makes an investment reasonable and promising for the future.

Quality, sustainability and conservation of resources

  • Salt solution is economical in consumption because it is diluted in the application. Thus, only what is needed is used.
  • Salt solution containing iodine
  • Consistent quality through independent, constant monitoring.
  • Development, production and filling by and at Kemitron GmbH.

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