Usage of Kemitron fragrances in certified facilities

There are many different certifications for spa, sauna and wellness facilities. Since the certification requirements can vary immensely and there is no uniform regulation, we would like to inform you about the usage of our fragrances in these facilities.
In principle there are no specifications, which connect selected products to assigned facilities! Like in other areas, the quality of the products is of crucial relevance for systems to run easy and on low maintenance.
In this context, a lot of individual components go hand in hand: for example fragrances based on emulsifiers can leave residues and congest pipes and valves. Therefore we do not use emulsifiers as fragrance carriers at all instead we use alcohol, which volatizes residue-free and allows the fragrances to unfold in a dependable and consistent quality.(1)

The name Kemitron stands for highest quality
First-class fragrances need time to develop. To let the aroma unfold in the best way possible and therefore to ensure an unique experience for your customers, quality is of vital importance. Kemitron is well aware of its responsibilities and puts major attention to keep the entire value-creation chain from the finest selection of the odoriferous substance, to the development, through to production in our own hands. Our corporate philosophy obliges us to sustainably protect nature and the environment by handling resources carefully – namely in a holistic way, with the purchase of raw materials as well as the use of our products. We know that only high-quality oils create a long-lasting fragrance experience and therefore ensure a healthy relaxation. This is why at Kemitron we use a high concentration of natural essential oils. Because only they achieve the wide variety in modes of action on both body and senses. They are only supplemented with nature-identical oils, if natural raw materials are banned or difficult to acquire for reasons of natural conservation or the protection of endangered species, or are too ex- pensive as natural oils that the end product cannot be marketed at a reasonable price.
Sustainability on principle
All odoriferous substances and fragrances we purchase and use in manufacturing our products, are subject to the IFRA standard codex (2), which is based on scientific analyses of the RIFM (3). This sophisticated composition is one fundamental reason for the fact, that Kemitron fragrances remain stable in their intensity, even if the container has been in use for a while. We see this also as an essential contribution to a considerate handling of nature. Furthermore our Aromee products are remarkable for their high yield, efficiency and therefore for their cost-effectiveness. We have taken a conscious decision not to use water-based emulsions as well as emulsified fragrance compounds and the associated addition of preservatives. On this account we have not been informed of any health-impairing effects or other reactions resulting from Kemitron Aromee products. A confirmation will only be valid to the extent, that it can be verified that original Kemitron products were used and the dosage recommendations complied with.

(1) Also read our blog post “Fragrance solution or fragrance emulsion in sauna and steam bath?”on our homepage under Company -> Blog
(2) IFRA: International Fragrance Association – A glo- bally accepted, recognized and self-regulating system of the industry, based on risk assessments carried out by an independent Expert Panel.
(3) RIFM: Research Institute for Fragrance Materials – The RIFM Database is the most comprehensive, worldwide source of toxicology data, literature and general information on fragrance and flavor raw materials.