Our SteelSwitch Piezo LED Ring is a non-destructive request button for wellness and spa facilities. When pressed, the LED ring glows green to indicate to the user that the program is running. The request button is available in white and red. The red one can be used as an alarm button. It is no suitable for the emergency stop function.

Field of Application

The button is suitable for the following applications:

  • The request button is suitable for all applications with a temperature range from -40°C to 60°C, e.g. steam bath, adventure shower, relaxation room, outdoor sauna area, etc.
  • The request button is NOT suitable for use in the sauna.


The request button can only function correctly with the following electrical values: Switching voltage 1 to 24V AC/DC and maximum switching current of 200 mA.
Operation outside these electrical values leads to a defect in the push-button.

Additional information
Weight 1 kg
Abruftaster Länge

37 mm

Abruftaster Durchmesser

28 mm


1/2 „

Mutter Schlüsselweite

SW 27


-40°C to +60°C


1000 mm

Stecker: Länge x Ø

55 x 16 mm

Max. Schaltspannung

1 bis 24 V AC / DC

Max. Schaltstrom

200 mA

Schaltwiderstand ON

< 20 Ohm

Schaltwiderstand OFF

> 5 MOhm


6 to 15 N

LED-Ring grün

20 mA, 5 V DC


IP 65



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