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Mildly alkaline cleaner / conditioner for sauna benches, wooden surfaces, wooden slatted frames, sauna walls, etc.

  • Removes greasy dirt rims, perspiration marks, soilings, cosmetics from wooden surfaces such as sauna benches, wooden floors and wall coverings
  • Cleans without discoloring
  • Wooden surfaces will not get damaged or roughened
  • PH-value base alkaline. Alkaline cleaner for wood

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Please note: Allow the wooden sauna surfaces and wooden sauna benches to cool down completely before cleaning!

Basic cleaning: Apply the cleaner directly with a brush on wooden benches and wooden surfaces. Clean by briskly brushing. Absorb the dissolved dirt with a damp, rough microfiber cloth or rinse with clean water. Wipe off with clear water afterwards.

Daily cleaning/care cleaning: Dilute cleaner 1:1 with water and wipe wooden benches or wooden surfaces with a brush or rough microfibre cloth. Wipe off with clear water.

Container size: 1kg bottle

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