Pure care- and polishing kit for sanitary acryl.

Removal of light to deep scratches as well as fi re discolorations on washbasins, bath tubs, shower tubs of sanitary acryl.

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Minor scratches: Clean the surface, press little polishing paste on the soft cloth. Work in circular movements on the area to be repaired. Afterwards wash and dry the spot via the sponge and clear water. Repeat the process if necessary.

Deep scratches and fire discolorations: Wet plane grinding of the damaged area with the rough wet-sandpaper no. 600 in one direction. Afterwards mill the grinding marks also wet and in one direction with the fi ne wet-sandpaper no. 1200. Handle the surface that got matt in this treatment with the polishing paste as described in “minor scratches”.

Scope of delivery: High-gloss polishing paste 85 g, sponge, high durable polishing cloth for outstanding care of acrylic surfaces, antistatic, wet-sandpaper, grain size 600 and 1200.

Packaging: cardboard box

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