Our brackets are designed for wall mounting, stable constructed
and built. Therefore the dosing pump and the
associated containers (the fragrance solution) are stowed
away safely and properly. The pump is mounted to the
bracket and the essence container with the fragrance solution
accommodated in the perfect distance. In this way
it is always ensured that the suction height for the aroma
dosing pump is within the recommended distance that
the fragrance solution can be sucked in without hindrance.
Our brackets in four variants can be used in private
and commercial sector. We recommend using
brackets for container sizes between 200 – 1000ml in the
private sector and larger sizes for commercial facilities.

  • Bracket Mono for a aroma dosing pump
    without bottle or container
Additional information
Weight 1.00 kg
Dimensions 16 × 11.1 × 17.5 cm

PVC, light gray

Container size

No Container

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