Come to rest, relax deeply and feel good. What is more beautiful than a soothing, calming or stimulating, fragrant bath after an exhausting day? Even the Roman patricians appreciated the excellent purification and detoxification possibilities of a sweat bath.

The Aromee Aroma bath additives are produced for fresh water whirl bathing, jacuzzis and bathtub. Fresh water whirl bathing are only filled if the bather wishes. As part of aromatherapy, Aromee Aromabath Bath Essences can have a lasting positive effect on physical well-being. In the process, the various aromatic oils in the bath additive encourage body and soul in equal measure, for example encouraging, refreshing, relaxing or stimulating.

In our Aromee Aromabath products, only high-quality, natural essential oils in combination with excellent plant extracts, incorporated and skin-friendly raw materials (emulsions) are used. By restoring a harmonious and relaxed overall body image, they help to achieve the overall goal of aromatherapy. The Aromee Aromabath is low foaming. It is gentle and protects the fresh water whirl bathing, Jacuzzi, bathtub and hydrotherapy bathing.

Aromee Aromabath does not clog or resinify the jets and the technology, as is caused by oil baths. No deposits are formed in the whirl system. Aromee Aromabath is neither an oil bath nor a foam bath.

Application: Fresh water whirl bathing, jacuzzis, bathtub and hydrotherapy bathing
Properties: Relaxing, pleasant, skin-friendly
Fragrance development: Good, adapted to application
Fragrance content: High

Dosage recommendation

Addition by hand
2 – 3 tablespoons (10 – 20 ml) fragrance bath depending on the desired fragrance concentration and tub size add to the bath water.
Please note – with longer whirling process foaming develops!

Quality, sustainability and conservation of resources

  • Relaxing, pleasant and skin-friendly
  • Productive and efficient
  • No oil bath and no foam bath
  • Kemitron uses almost exclusively natural essential oils
  • We only use nature-identical essential oils where it makes sense for the protection of nature, species and climate.
  • Low foaming
  • No sticking and gumming up of the jets and technology of the fresh water whirlpool and Jacuzzis
  • Creation, production and bottling of fragrance compositions at Kemitron in Germany, Europe

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