We are always surprised and touched by fragrances, if they are – like a perfume – composed of a top-, middle- and a base note. Not for nothing the fragrance compositions of Kemitron comprise of several odoriferous substances. Thus fragrances are not only perceived but consciously experienced because they can be sensed very long. Our basic assortment consists of roundabout sixty permanent available fragrance creations with both, fruity and tender flowery scented notes as well as rejuvenating herb- and bitter woody notes. We complement this assortment with seasonally available fragrances.

This gives you a comprehensive selection, to offer your guests – depending on daytime, target group and occasion – unique fragrance experiences.

We attach great importance to advise you competent during the selection process on the characteristics, behavior patterns and tolerability’s of the right fragrance creation. For example, we recommend in saunas to use only flowery scents, whose character is not significantly changed by heat. Or we advise peppermint to increase the icy feeling in cold water mist.