Our social responsibility

Our social responsibility

There are good reasons why we have chosen Germany as our location, with all the consequences that this entails.

Firstly, of course, because we focus exclusively on the highest quality. And we can only guarantee them if we also have a very precise overview of the complete production process and the procurement of raw materials and components. The final quality inspection is also carried out in our company by experienced and highly qualified employees.

On the second hand, this is the only place where we can really influence the working conditions of our employees. Therefore, we have always refused to outsource to low-wage countries. In our company, all employees are employed here in Germany on a permanent basis with the usual social security benefits. We also offer flexible and family-friendly working time models. After all, this is our understanding of a modern and progressive working environment, which our employees obviously appreciate because our staff turnover is extremely low.

This self-image also includes the fact that we do not import any prefabricated parts from low-wage countries. Our technology is manufactured in Wendlingen from individual parts. Even our circuit boards are produced by us here on site and not imported as cheap goods, which were fabricated without social responsibility. This is the only way we can maintain our consistently high quality standards and at the same time ensure that this is done in a humane environment with social security. Our fragrance compositions as well as our cosmetics and care cleansers/disinfectants are also manufactured and bottled in our factory under these conditions.
In return, our employees receive an adequate salary combined with the appreciation they deserve, which we can only give when we see the work come to life before our eyes.

Maybe this is the reason why practically all of our employees have been with us for so long?

Regular sauna bathing may protect men from dementia

Regular sauna bathing may protect men from dementia

A study from the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) has proven that frequent sauna bathing can reduce the risk of dementia.
In this study, which was conducted with 2000 men and followed up for 20 years, men who went to the sauna 4-7 times a week had a 66% lower risk of developing dementia than men who went to the sauna only once a week. This is a correlation that has never been made or studied before.
The Kuopio Ischaemic Heart Disease Risk Factor Study (KIHD), published back in 2016, examined the effects of sauna bathing on the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia.
The result was that the more often the person went to a sauna, the lower the risk for each form of dementia. Those who saunted 4-7 times a week had a 66% lower risk of any form of dementia and a 65% lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease than those who saunted only once a week.
Earlier results from the KIHD study showed that frequent sauna bathing also significantly reduced the risk of sudden cardiac death, the risk of death from coronary heart disease and other cardiac events, and overall mortality. According to Professor Jari Laukkanen, the leader of the study, sauna bathing may protect both the heart and memory to some extent through similar mechanisms that are still poorly understood. “However, it is known that cardiovascular health also affects the brain. The sense of well-being and relaxation experienced while taking a sauna may also play a role.”

Source: University of Eastern Finland. “Frequent sauna bathing may protect men against dementia, Finnish study suggests.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 16 December 2016. <www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/12/161216114143.htm>.

Read about it in more detail

The advantages and benefits of salt / brine mist systems

The advantages and benefits of salt / brine mist systems

Brine has a proven beneficial effect on the respiratory system when inhaled. This is because a fine salty mist is deposited on the mucous membranes. This has an antibacterial and decongestant effect. It also ensures that the mucous membranes are moistened, which facilitates breathing, makes it more difficult for bacteria and germs to take hold and multiply, and also has a beneficial effect on respiratory diseases. Of course, the finer the mist, the better, so that it can reach the lungs well and deeply.

Now for the brine used, you can’t just throw any salt into any water. First of all, only a certain percentage of salt in the solution is healthy for the body. Too much is harmful and too little does nothing. And secondly, water and salt must not be contaminated, so that they do not have a harmful effect on our health.

Why do we use salt-/brine solution and not powder salt?

There are dry salt facilities. We do not recommend them because the salt dust that is applied here and is in the air is 100% undiluted salt. It removes hydration from the lungs and the skin. This can quickly cause irritation and allergic reactions. For asthmatics, this form is harmful to health. The advantage of these systems, however, is that the salt granules only need to be swept up after use. There is no calcification and salination of the walls and floor. The cleaning effort is therefore kept within limits. However, if the salt dust settles somewhere and is not removed immediately, then it often ” sticks ” indissolubly and is then also difficult to remove. This leads to significant corrosion in metal (including aluminum), and decomposition in wood. For the reasons mentioned above, however, the intended effect on the respiratory tract is also rather low.


What about salt caves?

Walls and ceilings in salt caves are made of salt crystals. If they were simply left as they are, the air would be too dry, as the salt would draw moisture from the surrounding air. They would be unpleasant. Therefore, the air is humidified. The caves are filled with pure (water) mist, which dissolves the salt from the walls and ceiling and can then be inhaled with the mist. Allergic reactions and irritations are rather not to be expected here, since the salt content is generally very low. However, this also causes only a minor positive effect on the respiratory tract and skin.

This is different when salt/brine solution is misted in the salt cave. In this case the effect is the same as in salt climate cabins (see below).

The cleaning effort in the premises is low, because the depositing salt can remain on the walls and ceiling. It only needs to be removed from the floor


Why don’t you try salt climate cabins?

These are only pleasant and relaxing when the salt/brine solution is between 2 and 5%. Since the salt is dissolved in water, it can be easily inhaled through the vaporisation and thus reaches the places where it is beneficial and healthy. This also corresponds to the famous “healthy sea air”, the salt content that the air on the coast has and which has the soothing and beneficial effect on the respiratory tract and also the skin. This salt content does not cause any irritation in the lungs or on the skin. On the contrary! Salt/brine mist, by stimulating the secretion, helps to relieve the symptoms of respiratory diseases. Furthermore, it relieves irritated cough due to the anti-inflammatory effect of calcium and bicarbonate ions.

And it clears the respiratory tract of tough mucus by stimulating the bronchi to contract and dilate. Salt/brine mist has a firming effect on the connective tissue and thus supports the tightening of the skin. Together with sunlight or UV light, salt/brine mist has a soothing effect on sensitive and inflamed skin.

Cleaning salt climate cabins is more difficult, because salt/brine mist covers everything as a film and forms hard crusts if it is not removed quickly. We have described how to deal with this in our blog.

We believe that there is an effective health-promoting effect in salt climate cabins or in salt caves with brine vaporisation and therefore we have developed our brine inhalation systems “Technico Vapor“.

These have the following advantages:

  • Pleasant sea and salt cave climate due to salt/brine vaporisation.
  • Salt/brine mist droplet size from our devices is (0.012 μ/cbmm) many times less than 5 μ/cbmm. The smallest possible droplet size is crucial to reach the lungs and achieve the health-promoting effect.
  • No germination of the Kemitron salt/brine solution in the storage container, even when it is open
  • No sticking together of the salt crystals in the storage container
  • No special requirements for humidity in the technical room as well as in the salt/brine inhalation room
  • Automatic dilution of the salt/brine solution in the system for the ideal ratio
  • The entire system automatically cleans itself and can perform additional self-cleaning at the push of a button.


For more information about our salt/brine inhalation systems, please visit our homepage.

As a general rule, any form of these facilities can trigger a reaction in allergy sufferers. Therefore, we would like to clearly point out that allergy sufferers should definitely seek medical advice before entering any of these facilities. In addition, please exercise caution and only enter any of these facilities when accompanied!

The new Technico fragrance dosing pump

Modern with the well-known advantages: the new Technico fragrance dosing pump


This summer, Kemtiron has launched a new generation of fragrance dosing pumps with its Technico Standard.Arom Start. In a new design it is visibly modernized, but as durable and reliable as you would expect from our products.

Fragrance dosing pumps are a Kemitron invention and are mostly used in spa and Wellness areas for room scenting. For example, they are applied in saunas, steam baths, experience / adventure showers or in relaxation rooms.

Like all our products, the new Technico Standard.Arom Start was developed, designed and manufactured in our company in Wendlingen (Germany, Europe). Therefore you can look forward to the best quality, which promises a long life for your pump – even when used continuously. The fragrance dosage is economical and in combination with Kemitron fragrances, yet intensive but resource-saving.*

Our fragrance dosing pump Standard.Arom.Start with bellows technology is designed for use in steam bath, mud batb (Rhassoul), experience / adventure shower and sauna. It distributes the fragrant scent in the application rooms.

As before, the bellows dosing pump is supplied in a closed, splash-proof plastic housing. It is driven by an eccentric gear motor.

*Read also our blog posts: Kemitron Technology – Sustainability through longevity, reparability, conservation of resources

and: Kemitron: The connection between quality and sustainability


You can find the new dosing pump here: Standard.Arom Start

Kemitron: The Connection between Quality and Sustainability

Kemitron: The Connection between Quality and Sustainability

Throughout the more than 40 years of its existence, Kemitron has always remained true to its corporate philosophy of only processing the best quality. During this time the competition has become tougher and more dogged, the price war has often taken on difficult proportions. In other companies, production was moved abroad and cheap goods were added to the range. Kemitron has always rejected this.

According to the motto “buy right once and save twice” we believe that good quality pays off and in long term it saves both your money and our environment.

How does this work?

The Kemitron technical products (Technico) are developed, designed and assembled from high-quality individual parts in our company. They are not purchased pre-assembled. Our employees know the blueprints, the design and every single part of the products. This also applies to those that we have meanwhile modernised or have already taken out of our range.
As we pay attention to the high quality of all individual parts, our products are therefore extremely durable, which saves the customer from throwing them away and buying new ones after a few years. On the other hand, should a functional impairment occur, our products can always be repaired, even after many years of use in continuous operation. The prerequisite is, of course, that the customer follows our recommendations for use and operation.
Since development and design, as well as manufacturing is done in-house, there are no delays in customer requests, no need to send parts back and forth, not even the little power needed to send emails, because we can always go to the engineer, the designer or to the manufacturing department and ask for information.

In this way, our customers only pay once for many years of pleasure. And mountains of rubbish with environmentally harmful individual parts are avoided.

The same applies to our fragrances (Aromee) and care cleaners/disinfectants (Pure). Created and developed in our company, they are made from high quality raw materials and are extremely economical. This saves both delivery routes to us and from there to our customers, because orders are placed less frequently. Thus, not only the customer benefits, but also our environment, because fewer deliveries plus less packaging materials on the entire level can only do good for our nature. Furthermore, Kemitron products (as far as known) are not allergenic Furthermore, Kemitron products are (as far as known) due to the high standard not allergenic. The customer therefore has to order less often and buys products for which he can rely on a consistently high quality.

So while everyone is talking about sustainability, Kemitron has been living it since its founding.

Kemitron Technology - Sustainability through Durability, Repairability, Conservation of Resources

Kemitron manufactures technology for spa and wellness facilities that - usually in the background - ensures the smooth running of applications. To guarantee this for many years, we, like our customers, place the highest demands on our technical products and equipment, such as durability, reparability and resource conservation. Because not only are we convinced of the advantages of the best quality, it is also an integral part of our corporate philosophy. We can realize this by relying on our extensive internal and external development experience and by manufacturing the products in our own production facilities with our own machines. This is where the mechanical components as well as the electronic controls for our technical products are produced.

Due to the in-house production, our employees are familiar with our products "down to the last screw". Therefore, we can offer you professional repairs beyond the production, this also applies to devices that were purchased more than 10 years ago.

Managed by the second generation, our family business has been producing innovations for decades, which have changed the world market in the spa and wellness sector. For example, we were the first in the world to manufacture adventure showers or fragrance dosing pumps. Furthermore, our product range includes room scenting systems, brine systems, sauna infusion systems and others, which you can find on our homepage.

Our understanding of longevity is based on the design of a 24-hour operation 365 days a year for many years. To achieve this, our technical equipment must be installed correctly and the ambient conditions in the technical room must be suitable for these products. For this reason, you are welcome to ask us for support in the run-up to your planning. We will help you with comprehensive, personal advice that includes all necessary components and requirements. After all, for problem-free, long-lasting function, both the adequate installation of our technical equipment and products and the right ambient conditions are prerequisites.

We all care about our environment and we too would like to make our contribution with our sustainable products. This includes durability, which not only benefits your wallet, but also conserves resources and thus our environment.

Room fragrancing with tradition

Fragrances awaken memories in us. We also call this sensation olfactory perception. Some fragrances immediately take us back to our childhood. Images are created in front of our inner eye which are triggered by the respective scent. We are accompanied by scents that we associate with a beautiful event for the rest of our lives. And always, when we perceive this smell, we are reminded of this beautiful event. These memories are activated by the limbic system, the location of our emotions. The subjective sense of smell is influenced by experience and therefore individually different.
The physical- and psycho-objective effect is the same for every human irrespective of the experience values, since neurochemical substances such as encephalins, endorphins, serotonin and noradrenalin are released in the limbic system by olfactory stimuli. This knowledge serves, among other things, as the basis of aromatherapy, in which the effect of natural aromas and essences is specifically applied. Special use is made of room scenting in sauna, spa and wellness because here the effect of the scents used on the body is sought directly.

However, the scenting of rooms is not new, but has a long tradition.
Legend has it that King Solomon scented the guest rooms for the Queen of Saba so beguilingly that the Ethiopian imperial dynasty arose from the royal relationship.
Room fragrance is an ancient cultural asset. People have always used plant scents, i.e. natural essential oils, for their well-being. But also to stay healthy or to become healthy again. This huge wealth of experience is increasingly confirmed by the scientific findings of recent years. The renaissance of room scenting and the growing importance of aromatherapy are therefore only logical. The scenting of rooms is originally also an expression of appreciation towards the guest or the customer. A successful room fragrancing is also today not conceivable without this basis.

Possibilities of room fragrancing

While dealing with room fragrancing in the sauna, spa and wellness area, the first question arises: How do you bring the fragrance into a room or to an application?

There are three ways to transport fragrance:
• Via water
• Via steam
• Via air

Where and how are these three fragrance transport routes used?

Fragrance via water
• In the shower / adventure shower
• In the brine inhalation with scent
• In the sauna about the sauna infusion. Sauna versions: Finnish sauna, Russian banya.
• In relaxation rooms through a fragrance fountain, which also serves as a humidifier, e.g. in the tepidarium and laconium.
• Typical applications of indoor climate: hot and dry (sauna), warm or cold (adventure shower), cold (brine inhalation), warm and dry (laconium, tepidarium)

Fragrance via steam
• In the steam bath and caldarium
• In the Hamam, Rhassoul
• In the biosauna and soft sauna
• For air humidification
• Typical application area of room climate: hot and humid (steam bath) as well as warm and humid (Hamam, Rhassoul)

Fragrance via air
• In the relaxation room
• In the relax room
• In the Laconium
• In the Tepidarium
• In changing rooms
• In the entrance area and lobby
• Typical climate conditions: warm and dry (laconium, tepidarium, resting room, etc.),
• Normal room climate approx. 25°C (lobby, changing room)

Kemitron manufactures fragrance dosing pumps for all the above-mentioned areas. These pumps are characterised by the possibility of spreading a constant fragrance over a longer or fixed period of time, fully automatically, even in larger rooms, without anyone constantly having to actively watch for it. Fragrance, intensity and interval are individually adjustable.
The dosing pumps and dosing systems are high-quality and durable. Many years of experience in production, operation, installation and maintenance enable us to competently advise you on the correct installation as well as on the selection of fragrances for the corresponding application area.

See also: Technico fragrance dosing pumps

Original and copy

A good idea is recognizable by the fact that it gets stolen. - Gerhard Uhlenbruck

Of course, we notice when our products, our blueprints, even the structure of our website, operating instructions or formulations from our texts are copied and slightly modified or often even published directly in our version by third parties.

Where it would annoy others, we are proud, because it shows that we are the original and a role model for them.

The entire portfolio of our products is developed, designed and also manufactured in our company. This enables us to pay attention to the best solutions and highest quality for every single part, every raw material and every ingredient. We know which high-class and matched individual parts our technology must be composed of in order for it to function optimally and be long-lasting. We know exactly what we need to create a perfect fragrance composition. We know which ingredients a cleaner needs to achieve the highest performance. We know how to help when the customer has a problem. We know all this and so much more, because the experts for these questions are all sitting in our company and can exchange ideas and inspire each other. We have our own ideas, we ask our customers about their needs, we have the creative potential.

The customer has a query? - No problem, we train our employees for this.
An own fragrance creation for your spa? - Of course! You can get it from us.
The customer needs a special solution? - No problem, we have the right experts for that too.
The technology must be adapted to your special constructional conditions? - Don't worry, we can do it!

Where products are designed in-house, there are no problems. There are solutions.

According to the saying: "often copied and never reached" the imitations of our work are therefore a real confirmation, because they show that what we create is so good that others cannot find a better solution and therefore copy it exactly the way we have been doing it for years. And that makes us proud!