Award LUX Life Resorts and Retreats 2020

Best Spa & Wellness Technology Manufacturer ¬ Western Europe 2020, Lux life Magazine

Lux life has given us another award! Beautiful news!
We are honored and thankful to receive this recognition, especially after a year like this one, which has been quite tough on our industry worldwide.
We are proud of the constant commitment of our team and thank our customers for their continued loyalty!
The lifestyle magazine is published bimonthly and provides information on high-quality products, luxury trends and high-end developments. The awards are presented annually.
Lux life writes about the selection process: “Awardees must demonstrate expertise within their field, dedication to customer service and a commitment to promoting excellence. This approach enforces LUX Life’s stance that victors are not determined by popularity of votes, but by their contributions to their industry.”.
Many thanks to all who nominated us for this award. Thank you for recognizing our work! Many thanks to Lux life!
The Kemitron Team

Award LUX Life Hotel and Spa 2019

Best Spa and Fitness Center Technology Manufacturer - West Europe, 2019 Awards, Lux life Magazine

What an unexpected and pleasant surprise! We won the Lux life Magazine Award in the category Best Spa and Fitness-Centre Technology Manufacturer – West Europe 2019! We are very happy!
Honestly, we don’t usually take words like “luxury”, which the magazine uses to describe us. We want to do our job well and manufacture products of the best quality. If Lux life values this so highly, we are happy!
Lux life is a lifestyle magazine that informs about premium products, luxury trends and high-end developments.
The Lux life Awards are presented once a year for different categories.
Lux life says about the winners: “To successfully go from nominee to winner, it is necessary to demonstrate extensive expertise in a specific area or discipline, commitment to customer service and satisfaction, and a continued commitment to excellence and innovation”.
The award is great feedback for us all!
Thank you!
The entire Kemitron team

Acrylic tubs shining new

Acrylic tubs shining new

Over time, every acrylic tub or pool loses its shine. However, this can be restored with little effort.

This is how it works:

Before you start with a gloss polish, the tub or basin must be cleaned from obvious dirt. It is best to use a damp cloth to remove dust, stains and dirt. Soap residues can be removed with clear, hot water and a soft cloth or a soft brush (scrub vigorously if necessary). Please do not scratch with hard objects such as a knife or fingernail, to prevent damage to the acrylic!

You can remove the remaining lime residues with normal household cleaner.

Household cleaner

Use a cleaner with a limescale dissolving effect (e.g. our care cleaner Pure Spa & Bath Cleaner).

Attention: Every (!) cleaner must be rinsed off again with clear water. Always make sure not to use too strong or too sharp agents, because they can attack acrylic and fittings.

Our polishing set

Our Pure Polishing Kit is specially designed for acrylic bathtubs and pools to remove both matte surfaces and light scratches, as well as deep scratches and burn discoloration, and to bring back the shine. It is problem-free to use and has been tried and tested in practice for years.

The perfect fragrance for my spa area

The perfect fragrance for my spa area

How a fragrance develops depends on many factors: The ambient temperature, humidity, whether the fragrance was made for water or air, and other components. For example, many change in heat or can no longer be perceived at all. This is not the case with our fragrances, because in order to ensure that our fragrances remain stable and have an optimal course, they are already precisely adjusted to the respective application environment in our company during production. Which fragrance fits perfectly in which spa area can be seen in the following matrix:

Application Area Aromee
Adventure shower, experience shower,
feature shower, shower
X X      
Bio sauna, soft sauna, Sanarium X X      
Cleopatra bath       X  
Fresh water whirlpool bath         X
Hamam X X      
Hot-tub       X  
Jacuzzi       X  
Rhasoul, Rasul (mud bath) X X      
Room air aromatization   X      
Sauna, Finnish sauna, dry sauna X X X    
Salt inhalation X X      
Steam bath, aroma bath, wet sauna X X      
Tepidarium X X      
Whirlpool       X  

Our social responsibility

Our social responsibility

There are good reasons why we have chosen Germany as our location, with all the consequences that this entails.

Firstly, of course, because we focus exclusively on the highest quality. And we can only guarantee them if we also have a very precise overview of the complete production process and the procurement of raw materials and components. The final quality inspection is also carried out in our company by experienced and highly qualified employees.

On the second hand, this is the only place where we can really influence the working conditions of our employees. Therefore, we have always refused to outsource to low-wage countries. In our company, all employees are employed here in Germany on a permanent basis with the usual social security benefits. We also offer flexible and family-friendly working time models. After all, this is our understanding of a modern and progressive working environment, which our employees obviously appreciate because our staff turnover is extremely low.

This self-image also includes the fact that we do not import any prefabricated parts from low-wage countries. Our technology is manufactured in Wendlingen from individual parts. Even our circuit boards are produced by us here on site and not imported as cheap goods, which were fabricated without social responsibility. This is the only way we can maintain our consistently high quality standards and at the same time ensure that this is done in a humane environment with social security. Our fragrance compositions as well as our cosmetics and care cleansers/disinfectants are also manufactured and bottled in our factory under these conditions.
In return, our employees receive an adequate salary combined with the appreciation they deserve, which we can only give when we see the work come to life before our eyes.

Maybe this is the reason why practically all of our employees have been with us for so long?

Regular sauna bathing may protect men from dementia

Regular sauna bathing may protect men from dementia

A study from the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) has proven that frequent sauna bathing can reduce the risk of dementia.
In this study, which was conducted with 2000 men and followed up for 20 years, men who went to the sauna 4-7 times a week had a 66% lower risk of developing dementia than men who went to the sauna only once a week. This is a correlation that has never been made or studied before.
The Kuopio Ischaemic Heart Disease Risk Factor Study (KIHD), published back in 2016, examined the effects of sauna bathing on the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia.
The result was that the more often the person went to a sauna, the lower the risk for each form of dementia. Those who saunted 4-7 times a week had a 66% lower risk of any form of dementia and a 65% lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease than those who saunted only once a week.
Earlier results from the KIHD study showed that frequent sauna bathing also significantly reduced the risk of sudden cardiac death, the risk of death from coronary heart disease and other cardiac events, and overall mortality. According to Professor Jari Laukkanen, the leader of the study, sauna bathing may protect both the heart and memory to some extent through similar mechanisms that are still poorly understood. “However, it is known that cardiovascular health also affects the brain. The sense of well-being and relaxation experienced while taking a sauna may also play a role.”

Source: University of Eastern Finland. “Frequent sauna bathing may protect men against dementia, Finnish study suggests.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 16 December 2016. <>.

Read about it in more detail

The advantages and benefits of salt / brine mist systems

The advantages and benefits of salt / brine mist systems

Brine has a proven beneficial effect on the respiratory system when inhaled. This is because a fine salty mist is deposited on the mucous membranes. This has an antibacterial and decongestant effect. It also ensures that the mucous membranes are moistened, which facilitates breathing, makes it more difficult for bacteria and germs to take hold and multiply, and also has a beneficial effect on respiratory diseases. Of course, the finer the mist, the better, so that it can reach the lungs well and deeply.

Now for the brine used, you can’t just throw any salt into any water. First of all, only a certain percentage of salt in the solution is healthy for the body. Too much is harmful and too little does nothing. And secondly, water and salt must not be contaminated, so that they do not have a harmful effect on our health.

Why do we use salt-/brine solution and not powder salt?

There are dry salt facilities. We do not recommend them because the salt dust that is applied here and is in the air is 100% undiluted salt. It removes hydration from the lungs and the skin. This can quickly cause irritation and allergic reactions. For asthmatics, this form is harmful to health. The advantage of these systems, however, is that the salt granules only need to be swept up after use. There is no calcification and salination of the walls and floor. The cleaning effort is therefore kept within limits. However, if the salt dust settles somewhere and is not removed immediately, then it often ” sticks ” indissolubly and is then also difficult to remove. This leads to significant corrosion in metal (including aluminum), and decomposition in wood. For the reasons mentioned above, however, the intended effect on the respiratory tract is also rather low.


What about salt caves?

Walls and ceilings in salt caves are made of salt crystals. If they were simply left as they are, the air would be too dry, as the salt would draw moisture from the surrounding air. They would be unpleasant. Therefore, the air is humidified. The caves are filled with pure (water) mist, which dissolves the salt from the walls and ceiling and can then be inhaled with the mist. Allergic reactions and irritations are rather not to be expected here, since the salt content is generally very low. However, this also causes only a minor positive effect on the respiratory tract and skin.

This is different when salt/brine solution is misted in the salt cave. In this case the effect is the same as in salt climate cabins (see below).

The cleaning effort in the premises is low, because the depositing salt can remain on the walls and ceiling. It only needs to be removed from the floor


Why don’t you try salt climate cabins?

These are only pleasant and relaxing when the salt/brine solution is between 2 and 5%. Since the salt is dissolved in water, it can be easily inhaled through the vaporisation and thus reaches the places where it is beneficial and healthy. This also corresponds to the famous “healthy sea air”, the salt content that the air on the coast has and which has the soothing and beneficial effect on the respiratory tract and also the skin. This salt content does not cause any irritation in the lungs or on the skin. On the contrary! Salt/brine mist, by stimulating the secretion, helps to relieve the symptoms of respiratory diseases. Furthermore, it relieves irritated cough due to the anti-inflammatory effect of calcium and bicarbonate ions.

And it clears the respiratory tract of tough mucus by stimulating the bronchi to contract and dilate. Salt/brine mist has a firming effect on the connective tissue and thus supports the tightening of the skin. Together with sunlight or UV light, salt/brine mist has a soothing effect on sensitive and inflamed skin.

Cleaning salt climate cabins is more difficult, because salt/brine mist covers everything as a film and forms hard crusts if it is not removed quickly. We have described how to deal with this in our blog.

We believe that there is an effective health-promoting effect in salt climate cabins or in salt caves with brine vaporisation and therefore we have developed our brine inhalation systems “Technico Vapor“.

These have the following advantages:

  • Pleasant sea and salt cave climate due to salt/brine vaporisation.
  • Salt/brine mist droplet size from our devices is (0.012 μ/cbmm) many times less than 5 μ/cbmm. The smallest possible droplet size is crucial to reach the lungs and achieve the health-promoting effect.
  • No germination of the Kemitron salt/brine solution in the storage container, even when it is open
  • No sticking together of the salt crystals in the storage container
  • No special requirements for humidity in the technical room as well as in the salt/brine inhalation room
  • Automatic dilution of the salt/brine solution in the system for the ideal ratio
  • The entire system automatically cleans itself and can perform additional self-cleaning at the push of a button.


For more information about our salt/brine inhalation systems, please visit our homepage.

As a general rule, any form of these facilities can trigger a reaction in allergy sufferers. Therefore, we would like to clearly point out that allergy sufferers should definitely seek medical advice before entering any of these facilities. In addition, please exercise caution and only enter any of these facilities when accompanied!

Fragrances in the steam shower? Sure!

Fragrances in the steam shower? Sure!

Can everyday steam showers also be scented with our Kemitron Aromee fragrances? In the end, we get this question frequently.

Of course it is possible!

Especially because the desire for relaxation and recreation is constantly growing, even in one’s own home, more and more people are opting for their own steam shower. And that’s quite clear, because in no time at all, the bathroom at home can be transformed into a personal wellness oasis. And that in the smallest of spaces!

In this case, we recommend our Aromee intense fragrances, for which we have a wide portfolio of different fragrances ready for you. Do you prefer a citrus fragrance or rather floral, tangy or herbaceous, fresh or sweet? We cannot make this decision for you. However, it is important that you get fragrances that remain stable at any temperature and provide you with constant delicate intensity on your way to relaxation. In addition, the fragrances should not cause discoloration in the shower and their nozzles should not get clogged. With our Aromee intense products, nothing of the sort will happen and you can rely on consistently high quality! After all, anyone who installs a steam shower wants to have fun with it for a long time.
And we wish you enjoyable and relaxing shower experiences!

Sauna bathing for older people

Sauna bathing for older people

With increasing professionalization, target group concentration and niche orientation in the SPA and wellness sector, the question also increasingly arises as to whether sauna bathing is advisable for older people and if there is an upper age limit.

Is sauna bathing also suitable for older people?

Anyone who can go to the sauna on their own can use it, is the simple answer that Finland, the motherland of sauna culture, has to this question. There, it has long been common for even the elderly to use the sauna; it is not uncommon for people over 80 to go to the sauna once or several times a week.

Because the benefits of this habit are considerable even for seniors. That is why it is nothing special to find numerous people over 70 in public sauna baths. This is also due to the trend that people today are getting older and are still more active, more mobile and fitter than they used to be, even at an advanced age. This means that their leisure time behavior is also changing, which in turn brings an improvement in the general conditions.

In addition to the health benefits, which will be discussed in more detail below and which are particularly significant for older people, aspects such as sociability, entertainment, a change from everyday life and a certain habit are in the foreground.

Health benefits for older people

The positive influence of regular saunas can be seen most easily in the skin. With age, the skin begins to regress due to water depletion in the tissue and the resulting reduced cell pressure. It appears wrinkled, crinkled and often very dry. The heat during the sauna process produces an increase in blood flow to the skin, the high humidity produces extensive moisturizing and the increase in temperature in the skin organ stimulates the metabolism. Therefore, the sauna visit has a very beneficial effect on the formation of new cells, so sauna bathing can be considered as an anti-aging measure for the skin, because it gets a better elasticity.

During sauna bathing, the sweat glands are exercised and even seniors produce the usual amount of 30-40g of sweat per minute. Thus, it is not possible to speak of a reduced sweating activity, which often occurs in older people. In addition, heavy sweating has a positive effect on detoxification and prevents the resulting age-related restriction of mobility.

A training of the blood vessels in the skin organ can provide for the fact that circulatory disorder and the associated load are at least alleviated. It also leads to so-called inurement and infection prevention in sauna users of all ages through increased production of immune defense substances. This is particularly effective for older people, as they tend to be more susceptible to infections. Typical diseases of old age such as rheumatism and joint complaints can also be favorably influenced by sauna sessions.

The thermal stimuli in the sauna activate the vegetative nervous system and trigger relaxation and a feeling of refreshment even in older people. Furthermore, a sauna session can have positive psychological effects on the emotional state.

When should you be careful?

As shown above, sauna bathing can have a supportive and positive effect on the quality of life of older people. However, seniors in particular should refrain from sauna bathing if they have certain illnesses – acute or chronic.

Just like young people, seniors should not visit a sauna if they suffer from bronchitis or pneumonia. This also applies to heart disease, vascular and venous disorders, and high blood pressure. In these cases, sauna sessions should at least be discussed with a doctor in advance. In general, the risk of undiagnosed diseases is greater in people over 70 than in younger people, and the heart often no longer offers the expected performance, so a visit to the doctor is always recommended. Once the doctor has given the go-ahead, sauna users of all ages can rely on their feelings: if they experience inner restlessness, feel sick or dizzy, or if their pulse rate is elevated, they should not check their watch but leave the sauna immediately.

Elderly people are recommended to use rather the lower benches in the sauna, because the heat there is not as great and the contrast with the plunge pool is not as strong.

Since old age results in reduced secretion of sebum, seniors should care for their entire body with a nutrient-rich skin lotion directly after sauna bathing.

An important target group in economic terms

Older people are important customers for sauna operators, as more and more customers are over 50 years old. The average age in saunas is roughly the same as in society. Surveys have shown that older people also visit saunas much more regularly than younger people. This is partly because they use sauna bathing for communication and socializing, and partly because scheduling pressure is lower and planning is often simpler in this age group.

80% of sauna-goers over 50 years of age said they visit the sauna once a week, while only 35% of those under 30 years of age do so regularly. Seniors are also ahead in terms of year-round visits, with 76% of them stating that they visit a sauna throughout the year. With the under 30-year olds only 57% could be determined for this.

Many saunas have already reacted to these survey results and offer special senior citizen times, in which this important target group receives admission at special prices. Often then even in the attached catering trade senior-fair meals are offered to favorable conditions.

Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to exactly determine the consumer behavior of the older generation, since this differs strikingly from that of younger people. Sauna operators can thus save themselves the mistake of putting seniors in a consumer box.


List of sources:

Bericht „SAUNA & BÄDERPRAXIS 3/2013“: Saunabaden im Alter: Alle Beteiligten profitieren

"Aufguss is the highlight in large saunas"

"Aufguss is the highlight in large saunas"

An interview with multiple German Aufguss champion Udo Mohr

Aufguss is translated as infusion in English and is a sauna ritual. Water or ice mixed with essential oils is poured onto the hot stones. The resulting steam is waved at the guests through complicated towel movements.

In a traditional sauna, a sauna master is the one who waves the towels and raises the heat. He is also the one responsible for making sure guests feel the experience is special and that they receive the maximum amount of relaxation.

Corona also has the sauna world firmly in its grip. With a three-month break in the summer of 2020, public saunas in Germany have been closed for over a year. We spoke to Mr Mohr, the sauna master of the Waldschwimmbad Neu-Isenburg. Despite the situation, he is cheerfully optimistic and eager for a reopening. Because, he says, “I get so many messages and enquiries about when we’ re going to reopen. In these difficult times, when pressure and stress are on a different level, I want to give our guests at least something.” A people person, you can tell.

Today we asked a little bit more about Aufguss. And we were able to learn from the expert about this topic and a few others:

Hello Mr Mohr, you are a sauna master. At the moment all the public saunas are closed, how are you?

Last year, when the pandemic started, all the saunas were closed, then it went well for another three months, and now everything has been closed again practically since the end of October 2020. We try to make the best of it, like many others.

You are a multiple German Aufguss champion. In other words, you’re a man of the trade. Can you give people a few tips? First of all, what is Aufguss, what do you do it for?

Yes, the Aufguss is the highlight in large saunas, you do it at the end of a sauna session. That is, people sweat and then when the skin is wet, you try with the towel to pull down the so-called adhesive layer* or insulation layer from the body. For this is a very pleasant feeling. Especially if it is not done too forcefully, but delicately. At these temperatures it is pleasant to be touched by a light wind. And visitors just enjoy that.

Does this feel hotter in the moment?

Yes, because it works with a lot of humidity. This is of course due to the heat in the room. Therefore, one is initially hit by a warm sweep. After that, it is still very pleasant. It also always depends on the amount of water that is being worked with. Because some people always think that a lot of water is always good. But I believe that if you can create a lot with little water, it is much more pleasant for guests.

Who taught you how to an Aufguss?

When I started back then, I had very good sauna masters who were already quite far in this area for that time. Naturally, I learned a lot from them. But then I thought that maybe I could improve a bit on what they were showing me. So I always tried to keep working on it. I always practiced in front of the mirror at home. My wife scolded me for raising all the dust from the closet, but that’s how I worked my way in.

Are there actually different techniques?

Yes, of course, there are many techniques. The standard ones. For example, there was a sauna master in South Tyrol who did helicopter waving (the helicopter with the towel over the head). Or there is the pizza waving, which is so very trendy at the moment.

In addition, there are, of course, a lot of Aufguss utensils that are also used. For example, in Erding. Here, they work with the flag in the large sauna. The fan also belongs to it, of course, or a ring. But these are many things that have been copied from the past. For example, Mr. Danter (“Well-being Guide of Europe”) already had a large Frisbee disc back then. It was later adopted by others who still use it today for their Aufguss.

And what do you like to use?

I think I now use everything and change through. After all, it must not become too one-sided. The guests want variety. And I’m sure if we’re allowed to open again, people will come just to enjoy. I think there is a lot of pent-up demand. Commercial saunas are also a meeting point for communication. That’s missing now. Many people always visit on the same days, meet there, know each other and form groups. If private saunas are used, as they are now, then the family is there. That’s something completely different.

Good point, what is it like in a private sauna? Can you also make an Aufguss there?

For personal use, I would probably do less, because private saunas are usually way too small. They often have only 2-3 m². This means that an infusion is certainly made, but the towel for the air movement is omitted. In any case, the heat usually comes down on its own. Because when a ladle is poured on, the heat immediately accumulates. You notice that without having to move the air.

You also have separate men’s or women’s saunas. Do they differ in that respect?

Yes! Women usually don’t like it quite so hot. Of course, there are differences in individual cases. But in principle you can say: women like rituals. For example, with peelings or with singing bowls. Men, on the other hand, like to have a bit of rock music in the background and like it hotter.

We dare a fragrance manufacturer. Is it possible to increase the fragrance sensation in the sauna without increasing the dosage?

Of course! When it comes to dosage, less is often more. If overdosed, it can also be unpleasant or burn the eyes. This should be handled with care. Switching between fragrance concentrates and the oils is also often difficult. I do love the concentrates as well, because one can play with them. For example: A nice mint scent that brings the cooling effect on the skin is something great. But also the classic fragrances, such as lemon balm or citric scents are used constantly. Especially in the commercial sector. When the door is opened and then people stand in front of the sauna and still smell the fragrance, that is already an incentive.

You are a multiple German Aufguss champion. How one become such?

II came to it practically like a virgin to a child. At that time I had just started to perform Aufgüsse (infusions). One of our group said that there was a championship and asked who wanted to participate. Actually, it was just to see how we would do. That was in 2004 in Hannover at the aquaLaatzium. So I went there without any expectations together with a colleague. The competition consisted of three different techniques: the normal Aufguss, the banya sauna (the particularly hot, Russian sauna) thus the birch tassel sauna (Eastern Europe and Russia), plus an Aufguss that could be freely invented. Before the final round, I was in third place. Then all three Aufgüsse were to be worked through again, other characteristics were evaluated. In that round, I slipped from third to first place. That’s how I got my first title. After that, there was no championship for many years. In 2012 and 2014, the “Sauna, Wellness and Health Center” in Erzhausen near Darmstadt hosted the championship, both of which I won. At that time, however, there was not yet as much hype about it as there is at the moment. In the meantime there is a lot of fuss about the championship. Nowadays, more attention is paid to the show than to the health aspect. In my opinion, this aspect has been lost. Because it is only about how the towel is waved, thrown in and caught again. The health effect that sauna brings and that sauna is also for wellbeing and not just for show, that’s no longer a point.

Finally, we would be interested to know: Do you enjoy visiting the sauna to relax?

Yes, of course! If my time permits, I also like to lie down in the sauna for half an hour. Maybe with a good fragrance and some music in the background. I can close my eyes then and enjoy it extensively.

Thank you for the interview, Mr. Mohr!

Udo Mohr has been giving training courses for sauna personnel for 15 years. If you are interested in a contact, we will be happy to arrange it for you. A short letter via our contact form is sufficient.

*Adhesive layer [editor’s note]: The adhesive layer is a thin layer of air that surrounds all stationary or motionless objects. In principle, it serves to insulate the skin. This thin layer of air tears and is whirled away during the so-called Aufguss. This allows the even hotter room air to reach the body and the heat of the steam blast is felt even more intensely.

The same principle (of the whirled away adhesive layer) causes us to perceive cool weather as more uncomfortable when there is wind. This is similar in the sauna, except that the air layer protects the skin from the heat effect of the hot air (convection). Waving a towel intentionally removes it to achieve the above effect.